Tele-education Programs for 2015

Tele-education Programs for 2015

In 2015, we will offer four educational programs covering a wide range of topics. Classes will be taught by two Certified Diabetes Educators from the University of Virginia Diabetes Education and Management Program, and a Certified Wellness Coach from the Harry L. Coomes Recreation Center in Abingdon, Virginia.

Please check below for a description of the programs and their instructors. To see a schedule of our program offerings, click here.

Basics of Diabetes and Medications

Shirley Fleishman

Shirley Fleishman, RN, CDE

Instructor: Shirley Fleishman, RN, CDE

The topics covered in this class include definition, diagnosis, and types of diabetes; target glucose goals; diabetes complications; discussion of oral and injection medications (including insulin) for type 1 and type 2 diabetes; foot care; and treatment of hypoglycemia.





Nutrition Basics

Viola Holmes

Viola Holmes, MS, RD, CDE

Instructor: Viola Holmes, MS, RD, CDE

This class provides up-to-date, helpful information that participants can readily use to plan meals that will improve their blood glucose control and are heart healthy. Topics include nutrient effects on blood glucose, healthy food choices, serving sizes, reading food labels, use of non-nutritive sweeteners, use of alcohol, recommendations for fats and fiber, and healthy snack choices.


Eat Smart, Change Your Lifestyle

Instructor: Viola Holmes, MS, RD, CDE

Do you feel like you hear a lot of information about eating, but still don’t know what to do? This class focuses on the “how to” aspects of changing what you eat. Topics include tips about shopping for healthy meals, portion sizes, easy ways to cut calories, avoiding common eating traps, tips on how to eat healthier. The class will end with a discussion of how to set personal goals for improving your lifestyle.

Glucose Control, Activity, and Stress

Jennifer Johnson, BS

Jennifer Johnson, BS, ADC, and
Certified Wellness Coach

Instructors: Shirley Fleishman, RN, CDE and Jennifer Johnson, BS in Sports Medicine, CWC, ADC

This first part of this class will focus on blood glucose control, including use of case studies to understand and interpret daily glucose pattern and a discussion of how eating, activity, and medication can be adjusted to improve glucose.  The focus will then shift to interactive sessions on physical activity and stress.

Activities include stretching using resistance bands and practice with deep breathing and relaxation."