Mentoring & Expectations

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Mentoring & Expectations

Fellows selected for support by the Diabetes and Hormone Action Training Grant are encouraged to select two scientists in addition to their mentoring professor.

The fellow, the mentor and these two additional faculty meet twice yearly to review the progress of the trainee towards the goals of his or her research program. This serves several purposes. First, it helps maintain the fellow's research focus; second, it exposes their work to scientific review and criticism by faculty other than their major professor; and third it promotes the development and expansion of ideas for further work by the fellow.

During the first year of fellowship support, the fellow is encouraged to apply for individual fellowship support either from the National Institutes of Health, or from one of the voluntary health agencies that fund training in research related to Diabetes and Hormone Action (American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association etc.). This experience of preparing an individual fellowship grant application provides the fellow the opportunity to develop a mature, written, detailed proposal under the critical eye at his mentoring professor and advisory group. This has proven an effective learning experience for many of our fellows and prepares them for future experiences with grant preparation.

In addition to the experiences gained within the primary laboratory and interactions with their advisory committee, the fellows participate in the seminar program of the Diabetes Center (see Seminar Program schedule) and the programs of the individual basic, or clinical departments of their major professor.