RIP 2008-2009

RIP 2008-2009

Wednesdays 8:30 AM,
Aurbach Building room 1229,  Fontaine Research Park  (map)

rganized by Craig Nunemaker

October 1

Thurl Harris

The role of lipin1 in triacylglycerol synthesis and inflammation
October 8

John Chirgwin

Therapeutic Actions of 2-Methoxyestradiol: Inhibition of Bone Metastases with Stimulation of Bone Formation
October 22

Alexis Cutchins

The Role of Id3 in Murine Adipose Tissue Development and Hyperinsulinemia
October 29

Norbert Leitinger

TLR2 mediates diet-induced insulin resistance by sensing oxidative tissue damage
November 5

Craig Nunemaker

Pancreatic islet function and dysfunction: the role of oscillations, cytokines, and antioxidants
November 12

Perrick Fournier

Transforming Growth Factor-β Activates Prostate Cancer Bone Metastases and the New TGF-β Signaling Regulator PMEPA1
November 19

Eugene Barrett

Trans-endothelial insulin transport: Is it regulated and how does it affect insulin action in muscle?
December 3

Lauren Dunn

Hypoxia in Bone Metastases: HIF-1alpha enhances TGF-beta signaling in cancers which metastasize to bone
December 17

Leon Farhi

Network control and enhancement of defective glucagon counterregulation in STZ-treated rats
February 11

Anthony McCall

Type 2 DM and Non Modulating Phenotype
Venue changed to Snyder 116, 480 Ray C Hunt Dr
February 25

Keith Keene

The Search for Type 1 Diabetes Susceptibility Genes: IFIH1 and ERBB3
March 4

Sarah Aiyar

Apoptotic therapy for treatment of metastatic breast cancer
March 11

Corinth Auld Mercodia Inc.

Metabolic Consequences of Diabetes Mellitus - Detecting Critical Biomarkers
March 18

Zhenqi Liu

Microvascular Insulin Resistance in Diabetes
April 1

Fred Epstein

Quantitative Manganese-enhanced MRI of Beta-cell Mass
April 8

Weiping Han

of Singapore Bioimaging Consortium will present Molecular Regulaltion of Islet Secretion
April 15

Zachary Bush

Retinoic Acid Signaling and Apoptosis: Hope for tumorocidal medical therapy for Cushing's disease?
April 22

Meg Crook

Role of TGIF in Low Bone Mass
April 29

John Gildea

Dopamine the Kidney and Hypertension - GRK4 SNPs and Human Renal Proximal Tubule Sodium Handling
May 6

Alexis Cutchins

The Role of Inhibitor of Differentiation 3 in Adipocyte Development and Insulin Resistance
May 13

David Lieb

Reinforcing Feedback Loop of Renal Cyclic GMP and Interstitial Hydrostatic Pressure in Pressure-Natriuresis
May 20

Patricia Juarez

Halofuginone an inhibitor of bone metastases

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Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center
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