RIP 2005-2006

RIP 2005-2006

Wednesdays 8:30 AM
Aurbach Building room 1229,  Fontaine Research Park  (map)

Diabetes Center Lectures organized by Eugene Barrett
Aurbach Research Lectures organized by Raghu Mirmira

October 5

Ryan King

Modeling Interstitial Glucose Dynamics with
Application to Continuous Glucose Monitoring
October 26

(Guise Lab)

TGIF (5'TG3' Interacting Factor) is a Transcriptional
Repressor of Retinoic Acid Signaling In-vivo Involved in Skeletal Development

November 26

Patricia Juarez
(Guise Guest)

Soluble Betaglycan Reduces Renal Damage
Progression in Two Models of Nephropathy

December 7

Robert Song

MISS vs NISS: New Era of Estrogen Action
December 14 Susanna Keller Animal Characterization Core Director will present an update on the Core and Core services
January 18 Helmy Siragy AT2 Receptor and the Kidney: New Discoveries
February 1 Bruce Gaylinn Hunting and Pecking for the GHRH of Chickens; Clues toward Understanding Other Neuropeptides in Mammals.
February 8

Tom Surgill

Unexpected Specific Staining of Islet with Some Anti-ICK Peptide Antibodies
February 15

Marc Breton

Effect of Meals and Exercise on Insulin Action Assessed by the Minimal Model
February 22

Juan Pablo Del Rincon Jarero

Regulation of the p85a Subunit of PI 3-Kinase in Adipose Tissue: Potential Mechanism for the Dissociation between Insulin Sensitivity and Body Composition in Mouse Models of Altered GH Action
March 1

Craig Nunemaker

A One-two Knockout Punch: Reversing Type I Diabetes by combining Treatment with a Growth Factor and an Anti-inflammatory Compound.
March 29

Prem Seth

Dr. Seth is Director, Gene Therapy Program, ENH-Research Institute, Evanston Hospital, Northwestern University and the title of the talk is "Gene Therapy Approaches for Breast Cancer
April 5

Susanna Keller

Insulin-regulated membrane Trafficking in the Kidney
April 12

Joseph Larner

D-Chiro-Inositol: Its Role in Insulin action and Insulin Resistance
April 19

Nick Douris

Loss of Nocturnin, A Circadian Deadenylase, Confers Resistance to Diet-induced Obesity
April 26

Dan Haisenleder

LH and FSH Gene Expression: Signal Transduction Pathways Involved in Differential Regulation.
May 3

Pam Mason

Phospholemman and Glucose Metabolism
May 17

Margaret Morris

Effect of FTY720 on Development of Type I Diabetes in an Adoptive Transfer Model
May 24

Robert Carey

Role of Extracellular Cyclic GMP in Natriuresis and Pressure-Natriuresis.
May 31

Ho Yong Park

Prevention and treatment of breast Cancer with New Inhibitor of Breast Growth and Enhancer of Cell Death (TMS).

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