RIP 2004-2005

RIP 2004-2005

Wednesdays 8:30 AM
Aurbach Building room 1229, Fontaine Research Park  (map)

Diabetes Center Lectures organized by Eugene Barrett
Aurbach Research Lectures organized by Raghu Mirmira

October 20 Juan Pablo -
Thorner Lab
Modulator Effects of Growth Hormone on Insulin
October 27 Eugene Barrett Regulation of Insulin Uptake in Skeletal Muscle
November 3 Gregory Clines
Guise lab
Endothelin-1 as a Modulator of
Pathogenic and Normal Bone Remodeling

November 10

Mette Jenson
Duke University

Metabolic Regulation of Insulin Secretion: 
Importance of Anaplerosis

December 1 Chun Xue -
Siragy Lab
Renal Aldosterone and Diabetic Nephropathy
December 8 Heidi Scrable Why Can't Mice with Altered p53 Activity Get Fat?
(login required)
December 15 Wei Yue -
Santen Lab
Farnesylthiosalicylic Acid Blocks Mammalian
Target of Rapamycin Signaling in Breast Cancer

January 12

Raghu Mirmira

Control of Insulin Gene Transcription (login required)
January 19 Laura Burger -
Marshall Lab

Transcriptional Regulation of the Gonadotropin
(login required)

January 26

Jerry Nadler

12-Lipoxygenase and its Role in Diabetes
Pathogenesis and Complications
(login required)

February 2 Susanna Keller
& Pushpa Thimmalapura
Regulation of Vasopressin by the Insulin-regulated
Aminopeptidase IRAP
February 9 Zhenqi Liu Insulin's Cardiovascular Action (login required)
February 10 Alan Attie
Univ of Wisconsin - Madison

** Invited guest lecture.  Seminar in Jordan I-17
Genetic and Genomic Dissection of Type 2
Diabetes in Mice

February 16 Jeff Carter
Yang Lab
Combining Autoimmune Prevention and Beta-cell
Regeneration to cure Type 1 Diabetes
March 2 David Taylor
Mirmira Lab
The Carboxyl Terminus of the Pancreatic
Homeodomain Factor Nkx6.1 Functions as a
Modular Domain Conferring DNA Binding Selectivity
March 9 Harini
Neonatal Thymectomy, Regulatory T Cells and
Spontaneous Autoimmune Disease
March 16

1) John Chirgwin
2) Khalid
3) Valerie Siclari

1) Adrenomedullin Gain and Loss of Function in
Bone Metastases
2) Bone-specific Inhibitors of
3) Molecular Actions of Adrenomedullin in

March 23

Meng Chen

Functional Beta Cell Mass: The Junction of Life and Death (login required)

March 30

Robert Carey The Angiotensin AT2 Receptor Comes of Age

April 7
4 PM - Jordan 1-17

Michael Quon
Chief, NIH Diabetes Unit
Vascular Actions of Insulin and Adiponectin

April 13

Bruce Gaylinn Ghrelin: Our Current Work Toward Understanding
its Role

April 20

Kevin Lynch Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Signaling Pathways as
Drug Targets
April 28
4 PM - Jordan 1-17
Michael Brownlee
Prof of Medicine & Pathology
Albert Einstein College of Med
The Pathobiology of Diabetic Complications: A
Unifying Mechanism

May 4

Stephen Shalet
Prof of Medicine
Christie Hospital
Manchester, UK
Adult GH Replacement Lessons Learnt and Future

Mary Ann B. McMahon
Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center
Box 801410 Health System
434 924-5247