RIP 2003-2004

RIP 2003-2004

Alternate Wednesdays 8:00 AM
Pharmacology Library, 5th Floor, Jordan Hall

Talks marked (login required) may only be accessed by UVA faculty & staff.

December 3

Gene Barrett
Marcia McDuffie

Overview of DERC Activities (no slides presented)
Mouse Genetics Core (PowerPoint)

December 17

Jay Fox Biomolecular Core (login required)

January 7

Kevin Lynch

Sphingosine, Myriocin & FTY720 (login required)

January 21

Susanna Keller
Zandong Yang

Animal Characterization Core
Pancreatic Islet & Cell Core

February 4

James Garrison

Regulation of PI 3-Kinase by Gbeta/gamma and Protein Phosphorylation

February 18

Joel Linden

A2B Adenosine Receptor Antagonists for Asthma and Diabetes (login required)

March 3

John Lawrence

mTOR Signaling and Insulin Action (login required)

March 17

Gene Barrett

Vascular Actions of Insulin - Do they Matter?
(login required)

March 31

Tom Sturgill

MAPKAP Kinase 2: Likely Player in Cardiovascular Complication of Diabetes

April 28

David Brautigan

Chromium and Insulin Action

May 12

Gary Owens

Regulation of SMC Differentiation in Development & Disease (login required)

May 26

Marcie McDuffie

Defects in Runx3 Signaling: Linkage to Type I Diabetes in Mice (login required)


Due to the ADA and Endocrine meetings in June and July, our Research in Progress series will resume in September 2004.  As soon as the schedule for the fall is completed, we will send it out.

Thank you for attending and please give us suggestions for future speakers and topics.

John Lawrence