Research In Progress 2011-12

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Research In Progress 2011-12

Tuesday 8:30 AM
Aurbach Building Room 1229, Fontaine Research Park


Organized by Craig Nunemaker

Oct 19

Craig Nunemaker

“Cytokines due to low-grade inflammation can cause beta-cell failure in early T2D”

Oct 26

Jessica Geisler, graduate student in Chien Li’s Lab

“The Effects of Vesicular Nucleotide Transporter (VNUT) on ATP and Insulin Release in the Pancreatic Beta-Cell”

Nov 2

Cristina Gherghe, 2nd year Endocrine Fellow

"Elucidating Pressure-Natriuresis: New Role for Na+K+ ATP-ase as a Receptor"

Nov 8

Michael Scott

"Hindbrain modulation of food intake and glucose homeostasis"

Nov 15

Gregory Hong, 2nd year Endocrine Fellow

"Insulin transport into the CNS"

Nov 22

No Research in Progress

Thanksgiving week

Nov 29

Samuel Cushman, NIDDK

“Regulation of Adipose Cell Growth and Turnover, and Its Dysfunction in Insulin Resistance”

Dec 6

Thurl Harris

“Glycerolipid-mediated regulation of mTOR activity.”

Jan 31

Gene Barrett

“Insulin regulates vascular function throughout the arterial tree”

Feb 8

Rob Mohney, Director of Project Management, Metabolon, Inc

“Global Biochemical Profiling for Problem Solving in Biology and Disease”

Feb 14

Chris Deppmann

"A sympathetic approach to treating obesity"

Feb 21

Margaret Morris, Eastern Virginia Medical School


Feb 28

Zhen Yan

"Muscle-derived EcSOD in protection against multiple organ dysfunction syndrome"

Mar 6

Vitor Lira, postdoctoral fellow in Zhen Yan’s Lab

"Exercise training-induced autophagy in skeletal muscle"

Mar 13

Susanna Keller

“Why one is not enough: The roles of the two Rab GAPs AS160 and Tbc1d1 in the regulation of glucose uptake in muscle and fat cells.”

Mar 20

Craig Nunemaker

“STEAPed in adiposity: the possible role of a novel protein in metabolism and beta-cell function”

Mar 27

Jennifer Beller, 3rd year Endocrine Fellow

"Developmental Resistance to Progesterone Negative Feedback:  Evidence for the Evolution of GnRH Pulse Patterns Through Puberty"

Apr 3

No Research in Progress


Apr 10

Matt Sauder, 3rd year Endocrine Fellow

“Candesartan, GLP-1, and the Microvasculature”

Apr 17

Jennifer Kirby

"The Role of Id3 in Adipose Angiogenesis"

Apr 24

No Research in Progress


May 1

Ayotunde Dokun:


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