Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

Preventing the Next CVD Event in Diabetics

Excerpts from a roundtable discussion hosted by the
UVA Diabetes Center , the Center for Global Health and the Office of International Health
September 29, 2005, Charlottesville, VA

Find answers to the clinically most relevant questions and learn about cutting-edge research data in a "golden hour" of interaction with a multi-specialty team of experts.

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Robert S. Gibson, MD
What is the optimal LDL level for diabetics?
(10 min.)

Christopher M. Rembold, MD
TZDs and lipids: Is there a class effect? (5 min.)

Eugene J. Barrett, MD, PhD
Diabetes mellitus: What is the unifying basis of this vascular disease? (9 min.)

Murat Tuzcu, MD
Coronary atherosclerosis progression in diabetics: What does IVUS show?
(8 min.)

Anthony L. McCall, MD, PhD
Does glycemia matter to CVD?
(7 min.)

Alan H. Matsumoto, MD
The diabetic foot ulcer: Can we obviate extremity amputation? (8 min.)

Mark D. Okusa, MD
Which antihypertensive drugs to use in the patient with CKD? (8.5 min.)

Robert M. Carey, MD
What combination of therapeutic approaches provides the best level of tissue protection in diabetics?
(7 min.)


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