Islet Isolation Core

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Islet Isolation Core

The Islet Isolation Core is a centralized facility that provides specialized support for pancreatic islet and other cellular component research for the UVA Diabetes Center investigators and UVA diabetes research community.  Dr. Craig Nunemaker, the core director, and Kathryn Corbin provide experienced and specialized technical assistance.

The Islet Isolation Core provides support to help researchers advance their diabetes research with targeted studies of pancreatic islets and islet cells.

islet cells.Services

  • Isolation of pancreatic islets from experimental rodents (mice and rats).

  • Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion.

  • Fluorescence imaging of islets to measure intracellular calcium, mitochondrial membrane potential, or NAD(P)H flux. Other fluorescent measurements by request.

  • Islet cell death.

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We also support research collaborations within the UVA diabetes research community to help characterize insulin defects in novel rodent models and to develop new research projects.

If you are interested in learning more about islet isolation and assessment, our methods and protocols are published here.

For more information on how to obtain a service, please contact the lab at (434) 243-4856 or email