Review Process

Review Process

  1. The availability of Pilot & Feasibility funds will be announced by e-mail broadcast and a call for proposals will also be circulated for posting.

  2. Pilot & Feasibility Committee members are then available to advise potential applicants.

  3. Applications received are forwarded to the DERC's statistical consultant for review.

  4. Applications are also forwarded to the Pilot & Feasibility Committee, to external reviewers, and where appropriate ad hoc reviewers from the University of Virginia.

  5. After the reviewed proposals are returned from external review, the Pilot & Feasibility Committee meets, reviews critiques of internal and extramural reviewers, and  recommends action to the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will make the awards.

  6. Funding begins.

  7. Six month status reports are required and will be reviewed by the Pilot & Feasibility Committee.

  8. Nine month status reports are required for grants requesting a second year of funding. These are referred to the Pilot & Feasibility Committee members who had initially reviewed the work for assessment of progress and recommendation regarding a second year of funding.

  9. Requests for second year funding are considered in the context of the quality of the new funding applications, the progress report, and the funding available.