Writing Guidelines

Writing Guidelines

The purpose of this program is to support research focused on diabetes and/or diabetes related endocrine or metabolic topics.

It is the goal of the program to have these proposals lead to external support for the project.  New investigators and established investigators who wish to move their research into these areas are encouraged to submit a proposal.

The proposal must clearly state a testable hypothesis.  The format for the proposal must be as follows:

  1. Abstract ~1/2 page
  2. Specific Aims  ~1/2 page
  3. Background and Preliminary Data - 2 pages
  4. Experimental Approach/Methods - 2 pages
  5. References - 1 page
  6. Budget (NIH form 398) - 1 page
  7. Other Support (NIH form 398) - 1 page
    (Append Abstracts and Budgets)
  8. Biosketch (NIH form 398) - 1 page

Please attach Human Research and Animal Research Committee Approval forms if proposal involves human or animal subjects.

Submit one electronic copy (email as attachment) OR seven hardcopies of the proposal to the DERC office.  Please do not do both. See Administrative Core for contact information.

If there are any questions regarding the proposal or format, please contact Dr. Anthony McCall, Chair of the Pilot and Feasibility Committee.