DERC Executive Committee

  • Jay Fox, Director, Biomedical Research Facility
  • Susanna Keller, Director, Animal Characterization Core
  • Marcia McDuffie, Director, Mouse Genetics Core
  • Boris Kovatchev, Director, Integrated Data Management Core
  • Tony McCall, Chair of the Pilot and Feasibility Review Committee
  • Terry Saunders, Director of the Virginia Center for Diabetes Professional Education
  • William Clarke, Director of Pediatric Diabetes Outreach
  • Daniel Cox, Professor of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry
  • Gary Owens, Professor of Physiology


The DERC administration meets monthly with the Executive Committee to review the function of each of the Core Laboratories with respect to its day-to-day operations, development plans and financial status. The Executive Committee also receives and reviews the reports of the four extramural consultants annually. These reports form the basis for specific actions relevant to the day-to-day efficient operation of the cores, to the conduct of the Pilot and Feasibility and enrichment programs and to the overall administration of the DERC.

Pilot and Feasibility Committee

  • Marcia McDuffie, Director, Mouse Genetics Core
  • Thomas Sturgill, Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
  • David Castle, Professor of Cell Biology
  • Daniel Cox, Professor of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry


The committee:

  1. advises the Director and Associate Directors regarding the dissemination of information about the Pilot Feasibility program,
  2. conducts a preliminary review of all applications to assess scientific quality and the appropriateness of proposed work to the goals of the Center, advising investigators on revisions;
  3. decides which applications should be referred for external review;
  4. reviews comments of external reviewers and forwards funding recommendations to the Executive Committee.