Women's Oncology

Women's Oncology

The goal of the Women’s Oncology Program (WON) is:

  1. To accelerate the pace and expand the range of fundamental discovery research about women’s cancers
  2. To facilitate the translation of new scientific findings into the clinic.


WON Members study novel pathways by which hormones and growth factors regulate growth and metastasis of women’s cancers; identify potential new therapeutic targets or prognostic indicators for response or resistance to therapy; and perform clinical trials to test efficacy of therapeutic agents in treating these cancers. Program leadership has organized WON around three research themes:

  1. Steroid hormone action and steroid-dependent cancers
  2. Growth factor and cytokine promotion of tumor development and metastasis
  3. Investigator-initiated clinical research and development of novel clinical research tools


Professor of Medicine and Physiology Margaret A. Shupnik, PhD and Susan C. Modesitt, MD lead the Program.  The Program represents a wide variety of expertise. The following areas of support have enabled the success of WON research initiatives, which have become increasingly cancer focused and interactive: funding for faculty recruitment and retention; funding for information exchange forums, such as the CC Seminar Series, WON research meetings, and the Program Retreat; Cancer Center Pilot Project Funds; and support from the UVA Cancer Center Shared Resources.

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