Review Procedures

Review Procedures

**All PRC Submissions should be completed via the OnCore system**

Prior to submission of the protocols to OnCore all protocols need to have an IRB Application created in IRB Protocol builder. Protocols are then submitted to PRC through OnCore.


  • All pharmaceutical and investigator-initiated protocols involving patients with cancer should receive a review by the PRC. NCI cooperative group protocols receive administrative review only.
  • Protocols will be managed depending on level of review. PRC Chair, with the assistance of the PRC coordinator, determines if protocol requires full committee review, if it’s eligible for administrative review, or if it requires no review by the PRC.
  • The PRC meets on the Fourth Monday of every month and the deadline for submission is noon on the Second Monday of the month.
  • The PRC provides the outcome of review by a letter e-mailed to the investigator
  • Submission to the Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research will require a final approval letter from the PRC Chair.


Contact us:

Martin Braun

PRC/DSMC Coordinator

Phone: 434.982.0202