David Schiff, MD

David Schiff, MD

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Neuro-oncology clinical trials

The principal focus of the Schiff research program is neuro-oncologic clinical trials.  Dr. Schiff is the study chair of NCCTG N0572, a phase I/II trial of an mTOR inhibitor (CCI-779) and Raf inhibitor (BAY 43-9006) in recurrent glioblastomas. He co-chairs an upcoming phase II trial of the angiogenesis inhibitor lenalidomide with radiation for newly diagnosed glioblastoma, and is the ECOG co-chair of RTOG 9813 (a trial randomizing patients with anaplastic astrocytoma to radiation with temozolomide versus BCNU).  He collaborates in numerous investigator-initiated and cooperative group brain tumor clinical trials.

Another of Dr. Schiff's research interest is the epidemiology of brain tumors.  He is currently working with the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients and United Network for Organ Sharing to analyze the risks of patients with brain tumors serving as organ donors.  He is also leading a project of the International PCNSL Collaborative Group to study risk factors, clinical features, and optimal management of CNS lymphoma in organ transplant recipients.

Dr. Schiff works closely with UVA's bench researchers on brain tumors, notably Dr. Hussaini and Mandell.  Through regular attendance at lab meetings and discussions of clinical protocols, the clinicians and researchers are able to apprise each other of findings of potential translational relevance.  These interactions have already resulted in several submitted scientific publications.