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CCSG Membership & Services


There are two categories of Cancer Center Members: Full and Associate. Full Members have access to all the Cancer Center Resources, including subsidies for the Shared Resources (laboratory-based, Biostatistics, Office for Clinical Research), and the ability to apply for Pilot Project Funds. Associate Members have the same benefits as Full Members except they do not receive a subsidy at the Shared Resources. All Members are encouraged to participate in Cancer Center activities, including research retreats, and receive all the appropriate communications.

As a member you will be expected to collaborate with other investigators, participate in planning programs, and be an active member in your research program.  It is expected that you will help with the mentorship of junior investigators and when possible assist other cancer center investigators.

Guidelines for Membership in the Cancer Center

The goal of the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant is to foster research that will improve the understanding, treatment, and prevention of cancer. We support innovative collaborative and interdisciplinary research including basic, translational and clinical research. We encourage investigators with new perspectives and technologies to apply their expertise to the cancer problem. However, the research we support must have a clear and central cancer focus.

Application Process

Investigators wishing to become Members of the University of Virginia Cancer Center should write a 1-2 page letter addressed to Dr. Thomas P. Loughran, Jr., MD, Director of the Cancer Center.  Please email the letter to Dina Gould Halme, PhD, Associate Director for Research Program Administration.  In the letter, summarize your research program and its cancer relevance.  If you are collaborating with other cancer investigators, summarize the collaborations.  Also, please attach your NIH biographical sketch or CV, as well as an NIH "Other Support" page, if you have external funding.

Criteria for Membership

To be eligible for Full Membership in the Cancer Center you must be a member of the University of Virginia faculty with a rank of at least Assistant Professor.  Instructors and Fellows are not eligible for membership.

Established investigators (rank of Associate Professor or Professor) should demonstrate the following:

  • P.I. on a peer-reviewed funded research grant.
  • In lieu of peer-reviewed funding, clinical investigators should be participating in cancer clinical trials.
  • A demonstrated record in cancer research, including recent publications and or collaborations.


Junior Faculty (rank of Assistant Professor or Assistant Professor of Research) should demonstrate the following:

  • Independent, cancer focused, peer-reviewed funding is preferred, but is not required.
  • In lieu of independent funding, the junior faculty member must demonstrate a strong cancer focus.
  • Documentation of independence: independent laboratory space; P.I. on externally funded project; or being a primary author on peer-reviewed research publications are ways to demonstrate independence.


Associate Members must display the potential to contribute in a meaningful way to reduce the cancer burden, either through laboratory research, clinical research, or education. The Associate Member category includes investigators who enroll patients in cancer clinical trials, but are not PIs, and those whose primary focus is not cancer, but who have expertise that is important in cancer research.

Program Affiliation

The Cancer Center contains five research Programs, each with two Program Co-Leaders.  We require that you meet with one of the CCSG program leaders to discuss your research program and how your work could be linked to the Cancer Center.  The Program Leaders are:

All applicants are encouraged to go to the research programs' page to determine which Program is best suited to their research interests, and to discuss their membership goals with the relevant Program Leader.

Some members may be unaffiliated.  Interested individuals should speak with the Cancer Center Director, Deputy Director, or Associate Directors.

Length of Membership

Cancer Center members that meet the criteria above will be appointed for a period of three years. All Cancer Center investigators will be reviewed every three years. The review will include submission of an "other support" page, a research program summary including publications, and a description of ongoing and planned collaborations with other Cancer Center investigators and participation in Cancer Center activities. Clinical investigators will be asked to also describe their involvement in clinical trials, including trials they have written, helped to open, or accrued patients to.

Thank you for your interest in the Cancer Center. Please contact Dina G. Halme, PhD, Associate Director for Research Program Administration.