Our Services

MAPS Core services are billed in 15 minute increments of $90/hour on a monthly basis. Projects are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. PTAO provision is required to initiate services.

Preclinical Studies


To ensure the highest probability that an experiment will be fully informative, we offer consultation from our experienced staff and board of technical and scientific experts in the design of animal experiments from start to finish. Areas of consideration include cost estimation; animal welfare committee (IACUC) and biosafety committee (BSL) regulatory compliance; logistical detailing and planning; biostatistics; specimen collection, storage and analysis; imaging and molecular assessments. Please note: necessary regulatory approvals to perform the studies must be obtained before studies can ensue.

Project Management

The profile of animal research studies can range from short and uncomplicated to intricate, time-consuming and lengthy. The MAPS Core has the dedicated staff and expertise to initiate your study and perform it to completion, however complicated or simple. Additionally we can coordinate any necessary services in other UVA Shared Resources facilities for you, thereby providing a single point of contact for a PI to carry out an entire study that might include the culture of cells, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, molecular analyses of tumors, and statistics.

Therapeutic Testing

We prepare and administer single and combination therapeutics in treatment regimens as well as maximum tolerated dose evaluations. Therapeutics includes Small Molecules, Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Radio-sensitizers, Medical Devices, and Nanotechnology Therapies.

Animal Monitoring

We offer once and twice weekly animal monitoring in the forms of animal weight checks, health assessments, tumor measurements, imaging services, pain assessment, blood sampling, etc.

Cancer Xenografts - Price List

  • Subcutaneous Model is the placement of cells and tumor pieces just beneath the skin on the flank or hind leg. This is the common xenograft model for patient tumor propagation, simple tumor growth analysis, chemotherapeutic dose response analysis as well as some radiation studies.
  • Orthotopic Model is the deposit of cells or tumor pieces in the anatomical location of cancer origin including renal capsule, spleen capsule, ovarian bursa, intra-tracheal, pancreas, intra-peritoneal, intra-vesicular/bladder, inter-coastal to the lungs, mammary fat pad, prostate, tibia and femur. This approach aims to mimic the tissue environment of a primary tumor more accurately than subcutaneous implantation.
  • Metastases Model is the occurrence of transplantable metastases from syngenic models, orthotopic xenograft models, tail vein, and intra-cardiac injections of cells.

Surgical Services - Price List

We offer cardiovascular, castrations, catheterizations, oophrectomies, thyroidectomies, and many others as needed to develop the correct animal model for specific studies.


Our staff can advise and train investigators to perform and manage some or all parts of their studies themselves.