ACC Tissue Donation

ACC Tissue Donation

Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples

If you have previously undergone surgery, there may be FFPE tissue samples at the hospital where your surgery was performed. If you wish to donate these, please join the ACC Registry.

Fresh or frozen tissue samples

Fresh and frozen tissue is much more useful for research than FFPE tissue. If you are going to undergo surgery for your ACC tumor, there may be excess tumor tissue that won't be needed for your diagnosis and would otherwise be thrown away. If you would like to arrange a donation of this extra tissue that can be sent to our laboratory in fresh or frozen form, please:

1) Join the ACC Registry. We must receive your consent form at least ten business days before your surgery so we have time to make arrangements with your doctors.

2) Download a tissue donation information form (click here). Share this form with your surgeon and ask if it is possible for the hospital staff to assist with the tissue donation.