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Research Advisory Committee

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RAC by-laws

Mission. The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) advises the Dean on strategic research issues, major requests for research program allocations, research core facilities, and general issues concerning research program infrastructure.  The RAC gives high priority to requests for resource allocations in those research areas in which the School can achieve national and international pre-eminence, and which will substantively improve existing programs at the School and University.  The RAC also advises the Dean on the development of School of Medicine policies such as utilization of research space and external consulting activities.  Meetings generallly are held twice monthly

Membership. The RAC is comprised of 12 distinguished faculty members who serve three-year terms.  Members (September 2014 - August 2015) include faculty from several clinical and basic science departments and centers:

Talissa A. Altes (Radiology) (RAC co-chair)
Karen D. Fairchild (Pediatrics)
Charles R. Farber (Public Health Sciences) (RAC co-chair)
Brent A. French (Biomedical Engineering)
Brant Isakson (Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics)
Gordon W. Laurie (Cell Biology)
Norbert Leitinger (Pharmacology/CVRC)
Marty W. Mayo (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics)
Benjamin W. Purow (Neurology)
Angela Taylor (Medicine)
Nassima Ait-Daoud Tiouririne (Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences)
Judith A. Woodfolk (Medicine) (RAC co-chair)

Solicitations for shared equipment. The Dean's Office solicits applications for shared equipment each spring.  The program announcement is sent to all faculty in early March, with a deadline at the end of the month (see additional information on the program and a list of recently-supported equipment).  Proposals are reviewed by members of the RAC.