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Research resources and collaborators

Summary and quick links

Centers, institutes, and programs across UVA
Research core facilities at the SOM (Office of Research Core Administration)
W.M. Keck Center for Cellular Imaging (UVA core facility)
Research core facilities across the Commonwealth (Virginia Research Resources Consortium)
UVA Bioconnector (description)
Finding research collaborators:
-  Research Faculty Directory
-  UVA faculty with international research interests (requires log-in)
Resources supporting research involving human subjects/specimens or animals
Center for Comparative Medicine
Clinical Research Unit (SOM)
- Clinical Trials Office
Clinical Data Repository
SOM surplus equipment recycling
UVA supply recycling program - cheap supplies (M.E.R.C.I.)
SOM poster boards - for use in conjunction with school or departmental events
Transgenic mice at the SOM (courtesy Gene Targeting & Transgenic Facility)
Programming and computational support for computationally intensive research (UVACSE)

UVA BioConnector. The BioConnector is a research web portal for tools in the area of bioinformatics.  At this single site, users can access bioinformatics resources and tools, educational content, and collaborative technologies.


UVA Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering. UVASCE (e-mail: supports investigators across the University with free consultations for issues related to computationally-intensive research, provision of "tiger teams" to solve computer-intensive problems that act as roadblocks to productive research, and the management of compute resources (e.g., ITS cluster, cross-campus grid).  Examples of programming projects initiated for SOM faculty include:

  • Craig Nunemaker (Department of Medicine): Detection of phase transitions in pancreatic islet response traces
  • Jae Lee Public Health Sciences): Identifying key genetic interactions Type II Diabetes
  • Aaron Mackey (Public Health Sciences): Better scientific workflow management tools in a cluster/grid environment