SOM Faculty Research Retreat 2013

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SOM Faculty Research Retreat 2013

The School of Medicine held a research retreat on February 8 - 9, 2013, at the Boar's Head Inn. The event included concurrent sessions focusing on topics such as multidisciplinary approaches to research, major questions in a specific research field, new technologies to advance research progress, and industry-academic partnerships; lunch breakout discussions and poster sessions also were held.




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Dean's welcome - research retreat 2013 Dean DeKosky welcomes attendees

Research retreat - dinner Dinner at the Research Retreat

William Hait - research retreat 2013 Keynote speaker Dr. William Hait

Chris Kramer at the 2013 research retreat Dr. Christopher Kramer

Platts-Mills presentation 2013 Dr. Thomas Platts-Mills

Karen Johnston presentation 2013 Dr. Karen Johnston

Research Retreat 2013 - break between sessions Break between sessions