The University of Virginia School of Medicine Human Subject Research Mentoring Program is part of the Clinical Research Coordinator orientation and training that is made available through the School of Medicine Clinical Trials Office (CTO).


Our goal is to equip you with the relevant knowledge and skills that you will need in order to conduct compliant and efficient research studies.

This basic, introductory program will be tailored to your needs, providing training where you work.  Whether you are new to research or are experienced in the conduct of human subject research and only need information on conducting research specifically at UVA, we are here to assist you.

Research is a complex field and there is a great deal to learn, from regulations to practical tips. In order for the mentoring program to be effective, you will be responsible for completing the required reading and for providing the time necessary to complete the program.

The information presented will be current, but is also ever - changing. In order to maintain awareness of current procedures and regulations, you are responsible for seeking out continuing education and training opportunities.  Many of these opportunities will be made available through the CTO, and will be publicized through the Clinical Research Coordinator mailing group.

As part of meeting your priority needs, the Mentoring Program will use the Clinical Research Coordinator Skills Checklist and a pre and post test.  Three months after the Mentoring Program is completed, another assessment will be done.  If either you or the mentor feels that an additional 3 months of training would be helpful, then the program may be extended.  A one-year follow-up will also be completed once your mentoring program is officially completed, however, we will continue to be available to answer questions or provide help as may be needed.

You will be given an opportunity to evaluate our performance and the Mentoring Program. Your feedback is essential for our continuing process improvement for this program.