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Office of Research Core Administration

The Office of Research Core Administration supports research cores in the School of Medicine which were established to make research more efficient and cost effective. The cores allow the presence of specialized instruments and personnel that individual laboratories cannot afford. Personnel in the cores provide expertise on the capabilities of their instruments and services and develop new applications for their techniques. The cores provide training and support for user operated instruments.

The Office of Research Core Administration provides administrative support for the research cores in the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia. Services include:

  • centralized  budget system for all cores
  • centralized billing system using iLab, successor to CORES
  • tracking of users and volume of use
  • promotion of collaboration by cores
  • annual user surveys
  • business manager and fiscal technician to support cores and assist researchers
  • support for applications for new instruments
  • publicizing cores through newsletter and handbook

This administrative structure allows the combined research cores to have status similar to a department and staff have their appointments listed as in ORCA. Faculty in research cores belong to other academic departments.

Research Cores supported by the School of Medicine:

Advanced Microscopy FacilityCancer Center logo
ph. 434.924.2524
Director: Yalin Wang
Bioinformatics Core
ph. 434.982.4208
Director; Stephen Turner
Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Facility
ph. 434.924.3163
Director: Jeff Ellena
Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility
ph. 434.982.0488Cancer Center logo
Lab manager: Craig Rumpel
DNA Sciences-Biomolecular Research Facility
ph. 434.924.2553Cancer Center logo
Director: Yongde Bao
Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory
ph. 434.924.6191
Director: Arthur Weltman
Flow Cytometry Facility
ph. 434.924.0274Cancer Center logo
Director: Joanne Lannigan
Genetically Engineered Murine Model core
ph. 434.982.6506Cancer Center logo
Director: Wenhao Xu
Antibody Engineering and Technology Core (formerly Lymphocyte Culture Center)
ph. 434.924.5379
Director: Bhupal Ban
Mass Spectrometry-Biomolecular Research Facility
ph. 434.924.0070Cancer Center logo
Director: Nicholas Sherman

Molecular Electron Microscopy Core
ph. 434.982.0525
Director: Kelly Dryden

Molecular Imaging Core
ph. 434.924.5096Cancer Center logo
Manager: Stuart Berr
Internal (UVa) users only
ph. 434.924.9211
Manager: Linda Beggerly
Research Histology Core
ph. 434.924.9205Cancer Center logo
Director: Kenneth Tung
Shared Instrumentation-Biomolecular Research Facility
ph. 434.243.9399
Director: John Shannon
Tissue Culture Facility
Internal (UVa) users only
ph. 434.924.2501
Director: Nena Fox
Virginia Commonwealth University cores
UVa researchers can use some VCU cores at the same rates as VCU researchers

Handbook of the research cores.

Contacts for the Office of Research Core Administration.