NICHD U54 Grant

NICHD U54 Grant

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

NICHD U54 Grant

Clinical Project

Project I: Testosterone - GnRH Pulse Frequency and the Evolution of PCOS in Adolescence.
Co-PIs: Christopher R. McCartney, MD, and John C. Marshall, MD PhD
(Co-I: Christine Burt Solorzano, MD)


Basic Projects

Project II:
Hypothalamic Steroid Receptors and the Pathogenesis of PCOS
PI: Jon E. Levine, PhD, Director - Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Project III: Steroid-metabolic interactions in the control of GnRH neurons.
PI: Suzanne M. Moenter, PhD, University of Michigan


Administrative Core:  John C. Marshall, MD, PhD, Director-Center for Research in Reproduction

Outreach and Educational Core:  Christine Burt Solorzano, MD

Ligand Assay and Analysis Core:  Daniel J. Haisenleder, PhD