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Paul Vereshchetin

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Paul  Vereshchetin

Research Assistant

Mr. Vereshchetin received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the Department of Manufacturing Processes at Don State Technical University in Russia where he is from. Currently, Mr. Vereshchetin is a research assistant in CDT and a PhD student at the department of Systems Engineering at UVA.  Mr. Vereshchetin’s work is unique to the Center for Diabetes Technology as he is working with persons with T1DM who do not use an insulin pump.  He is designing an advisory system to work with CGM and multiple-daily-injection regimens.  The system will be able to give an advice if requested by patient on adjustments to insulin therapy based on the patient's history, CGM readings, and the meal information. Mr. Vereshchetin has also worked on the design and implementation of a graphical user interface for an advisory and monitoring system of similar kind.  In Mr. Vereshchetin’s spare time, he enjoys running and yoga.