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Daniel Chernavvsky, MD, CRC

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Daniel Cherñavvsky, MD, CRC

Daniel Cherñavvsky, MD, CRC, received his MD from the University of Buenos Aires, and specialized in Pediatric nephrology and pediatric intensive care, he has over 10 years of basic and clinical research experience in USA. Formerly working at the UVA’s department of Pediatrics, where he conducted basic research, and Endocrinology, Neurology, and Neurosurgery Department where he conducting over 30 clinical trials. A paper published in the Journal PNAS with Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Oliver Smithies can be mentioned as a highlight of his research achievement. Currently Daniel spends his time working as a Clinical Research Coordinator for the artificial pancreas project clinical trials at the CDT. Daniel Lives in Ivy with his family. He likes spending time with his family, friends and watching and coaching high school soccer, the best sport game in the world!