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Center for Cell Clearance: Ravichandran Lab Publications


Ravichandran Laboratory Selected Publications





· Poon, IK et al. Apoptotic cell clearance: basic biology and therapeutic potential.  Nature Rev Immunol.  14(3), 166-80  (2014)   PubMed Link


· Arandjelovic, S and Ravichandran, KS. A MERry response after myocardial infarction.  Circ Res.  113(8), 949-51  (2013)   PubMed Link

· Hochreiter-Hufford et al. Phosphatidylserine receptor BAI1 and apoptotic cells as new promoters of myoblast fusion.  Nature.  497(7448), 263-7  (2013)   PubMed Link

· Juncadella, IJ et al. Apoptotic cell clearance by bronchial epithelial cells critically influences airway inflammation.  Nature.  493(7433), 547-51  (2013)   PubMed Link

· Mauldin, JP et al. A link between the cytoplasmic engulfment protein Elmo1 and the Mediator complex subunit Med31.  Curr Biol.  23(2), 162-7  (2013)   PubMed Link

· Hochreiter-Hufford, AE and Ravichandran, KS. Clearing the dead: apoptotic cell sensing, recognition, engulfment, and digestion.  Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol.  5(1), a008748  (2013)   PubMed Link



· Stites, EC and Ravichandran, KS. Mathematical investigation of how oncogenic ras mutants promote ras signaling.  Methods Mol Biol.  880, 69-85  (2012)   PubMed Link

· Stites, EC and Ravichandran, KS. Mechanistic modeling to investigate signaling by oncogenic Ras mutants.  Wiley Interdiscip Rev Syst Biol Med  4(1), 117-27  (2012)   PubMed Link

· Hochreiter-Hufford, AE and Ravichandran, KS. Oxygenated lipids: a mode to WiPE out inflammation?.  Immunity  36(5), 699-701  (2012)   PubMed Link



· Armstrong, A and Ravichandran, KS. Phosphatidylserine receptors: what is the new RAGE?.  EMBO Rep  12(4), 287-8  (2011)   PubMed Link

· Park, D, et al. Continued clearance of apoptotic cells critically depends on the phagocyte Ucp2 protein.  Nature  477(7363), 220-4  (2011)   PubMed Link

· Ravichandran, KS.  Beginnings of a good apoptotic meal: the find-me and eat-me signaling pathways.  Immunity  35(4), 445-55  (2011)  PubMed Link

· Han, CZ and Ravichandran, KS.  Metabolic connections during apoptotic cell engulfment.  Cell  147(7), 1442-5  (2011)   PubMed Link




· Chekeni, FB, et al. Pannexin 1 channels mediate 'find-me' signal release and membrane permeability during apoptosis.  Nature  467(7317), 863-7  (2010)   PubMed Link

· Elliott, MR, et al. Unexpected requirement for ELMO1 in clearance of apoptotic germ cells in vivo.  Nature  467(7313), 333-7  (2010)   PubMed Link

· Chekeni, FB and Ravichandran, KS.  The role of nucleotides in apoptotic cell clearance: implications for disease pathogenesis.  J Mol Med  Epub ahead of print  (2010)  PubMed Link

· Ravichandran, KS.  Find-Me and eat-me signals in apoptotic cell clearance: progress and conundrums.  J Exp Med  207(9), 1807-17  (2010)   PubMed Link

· Elliott, MR and Ravichandran, KS.  Clearance of apoptotic cells: implications in health and disease.  J Cell Biol  189(7), 1059-70  (2010)   PubMed Link

· Kinchen, JM and Ravichandran, KS.  Identification of two evolutionary conserved genes regulating processing of engulfed apoptotic cells.  Nature  464(7289), 778-82  (2010)   PubMed Link

· Trampont, PC, et al. CXCR4 acts as a costimulator during thymic beta-selection.  Nat Immunol 11(2), 162-70 (2010)  PubMed Link




· Giles, AJ, et al. The adaptor protein Shc plays a key role during early B cell development.  J Immunol  183(9), 5468-76  (2009)   PubMed Link

· Gronski, MA, et al. An essential role for calcium flux in phagocytes for apoptotic cell engulfment and the anti-inflammatory response.  Cell Death Differ  16(10), 1323-31  (2009)   PubMed Link

· Park,D, et al.  The Phosphatidylserine Receptor TIM-4 Does Not Mediate Direct Signaling.  Curr Biol  19(4), 346-51  (2009)   PubMed Link

· Stites, EC and Ravichandran, KS.  A Systems Perspective of Ras Signaling in Cancer.  Clin Cancer Res  15(5), 1510-3  (2009)   PubMed Link

· Gronski, MA and Ravichandran, KS. "Evolutionarily Conserved Pathways Regulating Engulfment of Apoptotic Cells." Phagocytosis of Dying Cells:  From Molecular Mechanisms to Human Disease.  Ed. Dmitri V. Krysko and Peter Vandenabeele.  Ghent, Belgium: Springer, 2009.  147-162.  Link


· Kinchen, JM and Ravichandran, KS.  Phagocytic signaling: you can touch, but you can't eat.  Curr Biol  18,  R521-4  (2008)   PubMed Link  

· Kinchen, JM and Ravichandran, KS.  Phagosome maturation: going through the acid test.  Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol  9,  781-95  (2008)   PubMed Link

· Kinchen, JM, et al.  A pathway for phagosome maturation during engulfment of apoptotic cells.  Nat Cell Biol  10,  556-66  (2008)   PubMed Link

· Elliott, MR and Ravichandran, KS.  Pallbearer and friends: lending a hand in apoptotic cell clearance.  Trends Cell Biol  18,  95-7  (2008)   PubMed Link

· Elliott, MR and Ravichandran, KS.  Death in the CNS: six-microns-under.  Cell  133,  393-5  (2008)   PubMed Link

· Bolick, DT, et al.  G2A Deficiency in Mice Promotes Macrophage Activation and Atherosclerosis.  Circ Res    (2008)   PubMed Link



· Tosello-Trampont, AC, et al.  Identification of two signaling submodules within the CrkII/ELMO/Dock180 pathway regulating engulfment of apoptotic cells.  Cell Death Differ  14,  963-72  (2007)   PubMed Link  

· Stites, EC, et al.  Network analysis of oncogenic Ras activation in cancer.  Science  318,  463-7  (2007)   PubMed Link

· Ravichandran, KS and Lorenz, U.  Engulfment of apoptotic cells: signals for a good meal.  Nat Rev Immunol  7,  964-74  (2007)   PubMed Link

· Park, D, et al.  BAI1 is an engulfment receptor for apoptotic cells upstream of the ELMO/Dock180/Rac module.  Nature  450,  430-4  (2007)   PubMed Link  

· Ma, Z, et al.  Regulation of Arf6 and ACAP1 signaling by the PTB-domain-containing adaptor protein GULP.  Curr Biol  17,  722-7  (2007)   PubMed Link

· Kinchen, JM and Ravichandran, KS.  Journey to the grave: signaling events regulating removal of apoptotic cells.  J Cell Sci  120,  2143-9  (2007)   PubMed Link  

· Jarzynka, MJ, et al.  ELMO1 and Dock180, a bipartite Rac1 guanine nucleotide exchange factor, promote human glioma cell invasion.  Cancer Res  67,  7203-11  (2007)   PubMed Link



· Lu, M and Ravichandran, KS.  Dock180-ELMO cooperation in Rac activation.  Methods Enzymol  406,  388-402  (2006)   PubMed Link

· Kiss, RS, et al.  The lipoprotein receptor-related protein-1 (LRP) adapter protein GULP mediates trafficking of the LRP ligand prosaposin, leading to sphingolipid and free cholesterol accumulation in late endosomes and impaired efflux.  J Biol Chem  281,  12081-92  (2006)   PubMed Link

· Kiss, RS, et al.  Apoptotic cells induce a phosphatidylserine-dependent homeostatic response from phagocytes.  Curr Biol  16,  2252-8  (2006)   PubMed Link  

· Grimsley, CM, et al.  Characterization of a novel interaction between ELMO1 and ERM proteins.  J Biol Chem  281,  5928-37  (2006)   PubMed Link



· Yokoyama, N, et al.  Identification of tyrosine residues on ELMO1 that are phosphorylated by the Src-family kinase Hck.  Biochemistry  44,  8841-9  (2005)   PubMed Link

· Thomas, MD, et al.  c-Myb is critical for B cell development and maintenance of follicular B cells.  Immunity  23,  275-86  (2005)   PubMed Link

· Santy, LC, et al.  The DOCK180/Elmo complex couples ARNO-mediated Arf6 activation to the downstream activation of Rac1.  Curr Biol  15,  1749-54  (2005)   PubMed Link  

· Lu, M, et al.  A Steric-inhibition model for regulation of nucleotide exchange via the Dock180 family of GEFs.  Curr Biol  15,  371-7  (2005)   PubMed Link  

· Akakura, S, et al.  C-terminal SH3 domain of CrkII regulates the assembly and function of the DOCK180/ELMO Rac-GEF.  J Cell Physiol  204,  344-51  (2005)   PubMed Link



· Yin, J, et al.  Nuclear localization of the DOCK180/ELMO complex.  Arch Biochem Biophys  429,  23-9  (2004)   PubMed Link

· Lu, M, et al.  PH domain of ELMO functions in trans to regulate Rac activation via Dock180.  Nat Struct Mol Biol  11,  756-62  (2004)   PubMed Link

· Grimsley, CM, et al.  Dock180 and ELMO1 proteins cooperate to promote evolutionarily conserved Rac-dependent cell migration.  J Biol Chem  279,  6087-97  (2004)   PubMed Link

· deBakker, CD, et al.  Phagocytosis of apoptotic cells is regulated by a UNC-73/TRIO-MIG-2/RhoG signaling module and armadillo repeats of CED-12/ELMO.  Curr Biol  14,  2208-16  (2004)   PubMed Link



· Tosello-Trampont, AC, et al.  Engulfment of apoptotic cells is negatively regulated by Rho-mediated signaling.  J Biol Chem  278,  49911-9  (2003)   PubMed Link

· Ravichandran, KS.  "Recruitment signals" from apoptotic cells: invitation to a quiet meal.  Cell  113,  817-20  (2003)   PubMed Link

· Grimsley, C and Ravichandran, KS.  Cues for apoptotic cell engulfment: eat-me, don't eat-me and come-get-me signals.  Trends Cell Biol  13,  648-56  (2003)   PubMed Link



· Su, HP, et al.  Interaction of CED-6/GULP, an adapter protein involved in engulfment of apoptotic cells with CED-1 and CD91/low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP).  J Biol Chem  277,  11772-9  (2002)   PubMed Link

· Brugnera, E, et al.  Unconventional Rac-GEF activity is mediated through the Dock180-ELMO complex.  Nat Cell Biol  4,  574-82  (2002)    PubMed Link



· Tosello-Trampont, AC, et al.  Evidence for a conserved role for CRKII and Rac in engulfment of apoptotic cells.  J Biol Chem  276,  13797-802  (2001)   PubMed Link

· Ravichandran, KS.  Signaling via Shc family adapter proteins.  Oncogene  20,  6322-30  (2001)   PubMed Link

· Gumienny, TL, et al.  CED-12/ELMO, a novel member of the CrkII/Dock180/Rac pathway, is required for phagocytosis and cell migration.  Cell  107,  27-41  (2001)   PubMed Link



· Su, HP, et al.  Identification and characterization of a dimerization domain in CED-6, an adapter protein involved in engulfment of apoptotic cells.  J Biol Chem  275,  9542-9  (2000)   PubMed Link