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Center for Cell Clearance: Lorenz Lab Publications

Lorenz Laboratory Selected Publications



· Lorenz, U.  SHP-1 and SHP-2 in T cells: two phosphatases functioning at many levels.  Immunol Rev.  228(1), 342-59  (2009)   PubMed Link


· Ravichandran, KS and Lorenz, U.  Engulfment of apoptotic cells: signals for a good meal.  Nat Rev Immunol.  7(12),  064-74  (2007)   PubMed Link   

· Sankarshanan, M et al.  Identification of a novel lipid raft-targeting motif in Src homology-2 containing phosphatase 1.  J Immunol.  179(1),  483-90  (2007)   PubMed Link  


· Carter, JD et al.  Deficiency of the Src homology region 2 domain-containing phosphatase 1 (SHP-1) causes enrichment of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells.  J Immunol.  174(11),  6627-38  (2005)   PubMed Link

· Fawcett, VC and Lorenz, U.  Localization of Src homolgy 2 domain-containing phosphatase 1(SHP-1) to lipid rafts in T lymphocytes: functional implications and a role for the SHP-1 carboxyl terminus.  J Immunol.  174(5),  2849-59  (2005)   PubMed Link



· Zhang, L et al.  Role of Shc in T-cell development and function.  Immunol Rev.  191,  183-95  (2003)   PubMed Link


· Bruecher-Encke, B et al.  Role of the tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1 in K562 cell differentiation.  Leukemia.  15(9),  1424-32  (2001)   PubMed Link



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