Members of Virginia Research Resource consortium

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Members of Virginia Research Resource consortium




University of Virginia



Dr. Jay Fox
Director of Research Infrastructure
Ph. 434-924-2356
Office of Research Core Administration

List of research facilities at University of Virginia, with posters of their work


Virginia Commonwealth University

Resource structure

Paul Fawcett,



List of research facilities at Virginia Commonwealth University


George Mason University

Catherine Gallagher, Director of the Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy
Phone: 703.993.8480

University of Richmond,

Jennifer O'Donnell,
Manager of Biological Laboratories,

Biological Imaging Lab

Virginia Tech

Dr. Kevin Davy
Assistant Vice President for Research

Research Facilities at Virginia Tech

Research Facilities at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

Eastern Virginia Medical School

William Wasilenko
Associate Dean for Research

Research Facilities at Eastern Virginia Medical School

Old Dominion University

Stephen B Knisley
Professor Mechanical Engineering and Batten Endowed Chair in Biomedical Engineering

Research at Old Dominion University

James Madison University

Jonathan H. Spindel
Assistant Dean and Director of Lab Operations

Dr. Judith Dilts
Associate Dean
College of Science and Mathematics

Research facilities at James Madison University


Institutions with a predominantly teaching mission who may need research facilities

Person to co-ordinate research opportunity contacts

Mary Baldwin College


Lydia Petersson
Director of Sponsored Programs and Undergraduate Research

Maria Craig
Assistant Prof of Chemistry

Paul Deeble
Assistant Professor of Biology

Randolph Macon College


Jim Foster
Associate Professor of Biology

Virginia State University


Chaya Jain
Associate Professor Dept of Political Science, Public Administration & Economics

Sweet Briar College


Jonathan D Green
Dean of the College

Hank Yochum

Bridgewater College


Moshe Khurgel
Assistant Professor of Biology

Robyn Puffenbarger
Associate Professor of Biology

Tracy Deem
Instructor of Biology


Dr. Kevin Davy
Assistant Vice President for Research