Forms and Fees for All Services

Fees were approved by the institution on Oct. 22, 2012.  UVa Cancer Center members should contact CC for competing funds allocated to support for the use of CC shared resources.  Non-UVa users are encouraged to contact us for terms and fees.






Transgenics-B6SJL F1 per construct with 3-founder guarantee $4,490 online
Transgenics-B6/other strains per construct with 3-founder guarantee $7,592 ibid
Blastocyst injection-129 ESC per clone with >50 blastocyst injected $4,888 online
Blastocyst injection-B6 ESC per clone with >50 blastocyst injected $5,562 ibid

Gene Targeting

ES cell transfection 300 drug resistant clones provided for screening $6,516 online
Targeted clone recovery 6 clones recovered and expanded $1,645 online
Rosa26 knock-in 10 PCR positive clones provided $6,516 online
ESC karyotyping per clone with 40 spreads counted $784 online
ESC expansion 4 vials with 2 million cells each $479 online

pMEF derivation

iMEF (MEF immortalization)

3 million cells/per vial (20 vials minimum per order)

per project (10 vials provided)



ESC line derivation 5 clones under P5, karyotyped and sexed $7,155 online
ESC for targeting or DNA prep 1 vial for targeting/5 vials for DNA prep $75 online
Mutation identification design PCR/Southern assay $526 online


Embryo cryo-300 300 embryos with test thaw $3,224 online
Embryo cryo-200 200 embryos with test thaw $2,407 ibid
Embryo cryo-100

100 embryos with test thaw

$1,356 ibid
Sperm cryo 10 straws of frozen sperm from 2 males $651 online
Embryo implantation Up to 3 ICR recipient female mice $515 online
Embryo isolation preimplantation/postimplantation embryo isolation $409 online
IVF 200 eggs + sperm from 1 male or 1 vial $1,226 online

Genetic Analysis

Speed congenics-10A screen 57 markers of 10 mice $3,286 online
Speed congenics-10B screen 28 markers of 10 mice $1,314 ibid
Speed congenics-10C screen 14 markers of 10 mice $657 ibid
Speed congenics-10D screen 7 markers of 10 mice $329 ibid
Strain background screen 57 loci for 5 mice $1,643 online
Single locus genotyping per genotype per mouse $5 online
Tail DNA prep per sample $8 ibid
Congenic breeding per project for 15 months $5,213 online
Conventional breeding 12 cages per month $282 ibid

Transgenic Workshop

Training workshop 5 days of lectures and hands-on training $989 online

ESC: embryonic stem cell; IVF: in vitro fertilization; MEF: mouse embryonic fibroblast