Annual Outstanding Core

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Annual Outstanding Core

Each year a core is chosen for outstanding performance in one or more aspects of core operation.

Each year, there is an award for the Outstanding Research Support Facility. Past recipients are:


2014 Molecular Imaging Core
2013 Bioinformatics Core
Rapidly established a source of customized solutions to bioinformatics problems.

2012 Advanced Microscopy Facility
Awarded for adding two major pieces of equipment and providing outstanding service to many investigators

2011 Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Facility
For creation and efficient operation of a campus wide NMR spectroscopy facility

2009 Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility
For expansion of services and activity in recent years

2008 Lymphocyte Culture Center
For many years of solid business and science even in times of tight funding

2007 Gene Targeting and Transgenic Facility
For increase in business and funding

2006 Mass Spectrometry Facility
For advances in instrumentation and informatics

2005 Molecular Imaging Core
For receiving one of 10 national major equipment grants for a cyclotron

2004 Advanced Microscopy Facility
For procuring state of the art equipment to continue and expand excellent services

2003 Flow Cytometry Core Facility
For excellence of services and cost recovery