Principal investigator-Departmental Administrator

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Principal investigator-Departmental Administrator

Instructions for principal investigators and other in charge of grants

To print these instructions, use the print icon print-icon at the bottom of the page.
With appropriate software, you can print to a pdf file.
You can also copy this page to a program like Microsoft Office to save and edit it.

Enter the billing system at:
Enter your University of Virginia computing id (abc1d) and password, which may be your Eservices password. Wireless connections may not work.

On the role selection page, click your role (you will not see all the choices in the screen shot shown), and then find your name.

To move backwards in the menus, or get out of the page you are on, click the Cancel or Return box, usually at the bottom of the page.

A commenticon.gif is a help button.

Main screen for PI

Record who is using PTAO for purchasing supplies and services

You can ask that a name is given whenever someone uses your PTAO in a service core or product core. Under Maintenance Menu, choose User maintenance and go to Last Name Required for Transaction in: Product Cores, Services Cores.

You can also choose who gets product core receipts, and whether to get emails if a user of your PTAO signs up to use an instrument reserved through CORES.

Review monthly charges.

The Office of Research Core Administration (ORCA) sends of copy of charges made to each grant to you, or someone you have chosen. You have ?? days to review charges.

If a charge is incorrect, the core which made the charge can issue a refund, and resubmit the bill if appropriate.

If you want another grant or grants used, you can change the PTAO used for payment.

Changing PTAO used for services

You can only change PTAO under your name. If you wish to use a PTAO from one of your grants which has someone else listed as Principal Investigator, you cannot do it.

In CORES, go to Entry on top menu bar and choose PTAO Correction/Distribution.

Select a transaction you need to change.

Go to the drop down list in the box Select New PTAO # or PTAO # distribution, and chose the PTAO you want to use.

Change PTAO


To see your transactions with the research cores, go to Reports Menu on the menu bar.. Most are relatively self-explanatory. The item with the greatest flexibility is Query.

On the first page of Query are numerous fields to restrict your search.

Under Display are numerous items you may want to show in the orders you find.

Click More details to search by:

Service (description)

Category (group of services)

Resource or resource user if you are using reservations.

If searching for a service, you must choose the relevant Category

On the search results page, in the upper right corner are options to export data to an Excel or PDF file.
The pdf file is the same as seen on screen.
The Excel (Office 2003 format) contains all information for the order. The Excel file allows you to sort, search and perform calculations on the data.


You can search for services available in the cores under Search for Services.

Core Instrument Reservations

Members of your group can be resource users in CORES, meaning they can reserve instruments (resources) in the core laboratories which use the CORES billing system reservation module.
The core which has the instrument may want to approve and/or train the user before letting them use the instrument.
You can choose which PTAO(s) members of your group will use for instrument use.

Making someone an instrument/resource user

You need to log in as a Principal Investigator; you cannot make someone a user if logged in a Department Administrator even if you have both roles.

Go to Maintenance Menu and select Resource User Maintenance

Enter id (format abc1d) in the box.

When the person is found, you need to enter their name, email address, phone number, and decide if they should receive an email when they reserve an instrument.

Click the Associate User button to reach the PTAO selection page.

Click the user for whom you want to assign PTAO and follow directions below.

PTAO Selection

  • After logging in as a Principal Investigator, go to Maintenance Menu (top menu bar) and select Resource User Maintenance
  • Enter the university ID (abc1d format) to find the person. Then in a box appears with user(s).
  • Click the user name
  • To select one  PTAO from a long list, click the Check All box, then click the Uncheck All box, click the box next to the PTAO(s), then the Update box.
  • Alternatively, deselect PTAO the user should not have access to and leave the appropriate PTAO selected.