Reserving core lab instruments

Reserving core lab instruments

How to reserve instruments in core labs with CORES billing system

You can reserve some instruments in research core labs through the CORES billing system.

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Getting started

People who can reserve instruments:

  • someone listed as a PI in CORES
  • a lab manager or assistant who can act as a PI in CORES
  • a person who has been made a user in CORES.


If you want to be an instrument user, ask either the service core manager or your Principal Investigator to make you a user. However, the person in charge of the grant you use has to give you access to a PTAO for billing, as described elsewhere.

A Principal Investigator can make someone a user in CORES by logging on to CORES and selecting Reservation Module User Maintenance to add a user, and choosing a PTAO to use for that instrument.

To reserve some instruments, you need to be approved by the core manager.

Making a reservations.

  • Wireless connections may not work. Internet Explorer may avoid problems seen with other browers.
  • Log in to CORES system using computing id (abc1d format) and password, which may be your Eservices password, at:

  • Select your role in CORES, which may be Resource User, Principal Investigator, Lab Mgr/Assistant shown on role selection page (you will not see all the choices shown on the screen shot)
  • Click on Reserve Core Device (Quick Links or Entry menu)
  • Click the core with the instrument(s) you want to reserve; if you need approval to use an instrument, it will not be visible in the instrument list.
  • Click the check box of the instrument(s) you want to reserve, noting some instruments have assistants.
  • Click View Calendar.
  • If you are reserving and instrument with assistance, click the  Assistance button, then Refresh Calendar.
  • If you get a message "This resource requires an assistant" after selecting an assistant, ensure you click Refresh Calendar when you try again.
  • White blocks are available times.
  • Moving the mouse over the color coded boxes shows reservation policies for that instrument.
  • Click on a start time.
  • A new page appears.
  • Change PI if needed.
  • Select a PTAO from the drop down list (you may only have one assigned to you).
  • Select start and end times and repetitions.
  • Click Return button..
  • If you reserve an instrument with an assistant, the calendar will block out other instruments using the same assistant.
  • If you need to cancel a reservation, you need to contact the core.
  • There may be charges for cancelling a reservation
  • To see reservations, on your main menu in CORES, repeat the first four steps above or go to Reports Menu-Resource Reservation