Instrument Reservations

Instrument Reservations

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Setup Instrument Reservation

  • The instrument must be associated with a service. Currently the only unit of use available is "hour".  This may be confusing for per use instruments. For such cases, using a short time period is a possible work around.
  • ORCA office needs to modify your core to allow Resource Scheduling Logic and if desired, modify your user profile (user maintenance) to allow reservation E-mails
  • You then go to Maintenance Menu (top menu bar) and select Resource Maintenance, and click the Add Resource button, or double click an existing resource/instrument to edit.
  • You must enter a name and description.
  • Note the option for "user must be approved to reserve resource". If selected, users must be approved using an option on your main menu.
  • Set available hours by clicking the Show Resource Availability box.
  • To list the instrument as unavailable for a time period, click the beginning of the time period and in the pop-up window, select the end of the unavailable period in the End Time box. Check that Window Type is blocked and click Set Time Block.
  • Time blocks are only whole hours.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update.
  • Setting long Resource reservation time interval will restrict start and stop times,
  • Instruments which can be reserved for 24 hours will have restricted start and stop times listed.
  • Click a box under Email Policy if you want email when someone reserves an instrument.
  • You can set a cancellation policy, including charges
  • You need to edit a service to associate an instrument with it: maintenance menu-item maintenance-Assigned Resource. Unit of Measure can only be hours.

Instruments/resources with Assistants

This option is to reserve a person to operate an instrument which someone wants to use.

Creating a resource/instrument with an assistance has 3 steps.

  • Start creation of another resource as above, but on the first line of buttons, immediately under "Description", for "Is this resource an Assistant", select Yes. There are fewer options than for a resource. It may be simplest to use the name of a person, in cases where the same person may be helping with multiple instruments.
  • Create an instrument resource as above, but on the 7th line, Allow Assistant to be reserved for this resource, select Yes.
  • "Assistant" can be generic assistance, or  you can specify a person.
  • If you give a specific name to the assistant e.g. Doe, and use the same assistant for more than one instrument, the assistant's time will be blocked on the reservation calendar for other instruments using assistant Doe.
  • Then there is a new line Require Assistant to be reserved for this resource. Choose an assistant if you have specified a service requiring an assistat.
  • Return to Main menu, go to Maintenance Menu-Item maintenance and choose the service with assistance.
  • Scroll down the list of assigned resources and select the appropriate assistant resource in addition to the instrument. The service needs to have both a instrument resource and assistant resource associated with it.
  • Return to the instrument/resource  maintenance and check the box Require Assistant(s) to be reserved for this resource (this box is not available until you create an assistance.

Adding users

  • Someone listed in CORES as a PI, or a lab manager/assistant who can act as a PI,  or resource user can reserve an instrument.
  • You can add someone as a resource user (no other responsibities) under Maintenance Menu-Resource User Maintenance.
  • You need an email address, phone number for the user, and the name of the person listed on the grant used for billing, who may be an administrator rather than the PI of the lab.
  • Click the Associate to PI button in top right corner and select the PI.
  • When you associate a user to a PI, CORES automatically sends an email to the PI telling them that a user can use their PTAO.
  • The PI can select which PTAO the user can use (Maintenance menu-resource user maintenance, click on name of user).
  • You can add a user without association to a PI but they cannot reserve anything because they have no associated PTAO.
  • If you need to remove a user, you need to contact ORCA to remove the resource user.
  • A Principal Investigator can add resource users from Reservation Module User Maintenance, but cannot approve them if approval for use is needed.

Approving users

If you want to approve users before they can reserve the instrument, possibly to ensure they have have some training, you can set that in Resource Maintenance with the User must be approved to reserve resource button.

To approve a user, go to Maintenance Menu-Resource User Approval.

Select user in list, then select which instruments user is approved for.

Reserving instrument for someone

  • Go to Order Entry- Reserve Core Device on main menu. Click on core and then instrument.
  • Click View calendar, click on a time.
  • Select person you are reserving the instrument for.
  • You can see reservations under Reports-Resource Reservations.
  • The service core manager can edit the reservation before it occures, including changing the PTAO
  • Next day the reservations will show under Unconfirmed Orders on the main page. You can edit the order e.g. change quantity or delete it. After confirmation, it will show like other orders in Reports Menu-query.
  • You cannot change the PTAO at this point.
  • To cancel a reservation, go to Order Entry-Reserve Core Device. Select the instrument, view calendar and click on the reservation to cancel.
  • Only a Core Manager can delete a reservations.
  • A page opens with a Cancel Reservation button at the bottom.
  • After cancelling, if there is a cancellation fee, the cancelled fee charge shows in a usage report.


A problem. In Test environment, users listed as approved resource users could not reserve instruments; going to resource user approval and clicking Update, without changing any data, allowed them to reserver instruments.

Billing instrument use

  • Instrument reservations are listed on your main menu as Unconfirmed Orders.
  • Select the month to see the list of unbilled reservations.
  • If a reservation was not used, click the delete  icon button Delete icon at the end of the line.
  • Click the reservation confirmation number  (left side of page) to edit the reservation and submit the bill
  • Change the time used to actual time if you are not billing by the time reserved. Make other changes and submit order.
  • If the PTAO is wrong, submit the order, then change it with PTAO Correction/Distribution under Order Entry on your CORES menu.
  • If you leave the check mark next to the confirmation number, you can click the Confirm Orders button to submit multiple orders at one time. Use only if the reservations are for the correct amount.

Associating a person or instrument with a service

You can add an instrument or a person to a service, to allow scheduling. The term resource can be an instrument or person

To add an instrument or person, in the role of a core manager, go to Maintenance Menu and select Resource Maintenance then click Add Resource. Most options are clear, but "is this resource an Assistant" allows you to associate a person to an instrument.
"Allow Assistant(s) to be reserved for this resource" lets you reserve another instrument or person with the instrument/person you are designating as a resource.

When entering orders, you should see a pale green R at the end of the line.
Click the R, then select the item from a drop down list in the pop-up window.
The R icon should now be bright green.

Allowing a PI to choose PTAO for Instrument Users

  • After logging in as a Principal INvestigator, go to Maintenance Menu (top menu bar) and select Resource User Maintenance
  • Click the user name. To allow the user only a selected PTAO(s) from a long list, click the Check All box, then click the Uncheck All box, then the Update box.
    Alternatively, deselect PTAO the user should not have access to.