Order entry for CORES 2

Order entry for CORES 2

Entering orders in CORES

With appropriate software, you can print to a pdf file.
You can also copy this page to a program like Microsoft Office to save and edit it.

Go to:  https://core.web.virginia.edu/index.cfm
Log in using your Netbadge ID (same as e-mail ID) and password which may be your Eservices password.  If you have more than one role in CORES, you will see a list of roles available.  Select the Role of Service Core Manager.

Note that autocomplete features may not add https:// if you simple type core.web.virginia.edu so that you cannot login.

CORES 2 manager selection


A new screen/menu will appear.

Common tasks show on the main part of the screen, other tasks are on drop down menus on the top menu bar.

Remember: To get back to the main menu use the "cancel" or return button; do not use your browser's backbutton.

CORES 2 service manager screen


Order entry

Found in Quick Launch box or under Entry-Order Entry item on menu bar.

Enter PI last name (it is common for a grant administrator to be listed rather than the scientific investigator) or PTAO or partial PTAO in the search box.

If PTAO is not found, see if it conforms to the pattern of:
6 digits for project
3 or more characters (and can include a period) for task
2 letters followed by 5 digits for award
5 digits for organization
If the PTAO meets the specification, contact investigator or department fiscal administrator to verify the PTAO (it may have expired); if this is unsuccessful, contact ORCA office.

Before clicking on a PTAO to choose it, select the date for the service in the Date Service Provided box.

PTAO and date selection

If there are multiple PTAO listed, you must verify which PTAO to use rather than choosing one yourself.

Click on the appropriate PTAO and you should see a screen like below.


Order entry screen wide


Items of note (if features listed are not available, they need to be set by you or ORCA under Core Maintenance)

1 Category: a drop down list for cores with different areas of services

2 Description: a drop down list to select the service (discontinued services can be removed from list). To set a default item, see below.

3 Quantity: number of services performed

4 Price: taken from list of services and prices, but you can change it (if set by ORCA)

5 Line item comments: click on the C icon Line comment icon to bring up a box to enter comments for the current item only (this feature needs to be set under core maintenance); up to 64 characters.

A pale green R icon shows if you can reserve and bill intruments/resources. Click to chose resource from a list.

6 Comments: comments applicable to the whole order, rather than just 1 item; up to 512 characters.

7 Most investigators ask for name of user. They can set name requirement in their User Maintenance page in CORES.

8 Core Manager notes: these do not appear on what the investigator sees (this feature needs to be set in Core Maintenance); up to 512 characters.

9 Add Item: click to add another service to this order.

10 Submit Order: after clicking, no changes can be made. If there is an error, you need to refund this order and submit a new one.
Normally you will see a new window to print the order. You can turn off this feature for simple orders as described in the Core setup items page, but for some orders, you may still see the print receipts page. If you have all pop ups blocked, you will not see the print receipt page, but you can add *.web.virginia.edu as an exception to the block pop ups setting.

11 Save as Open Order: for projects where there are multiple steps, you can add items as completed.

Split Payments. This option needs to be set in Maintenance Menu-Core Maintenance-Functionality Controls-see Core Setup items and thus you may not see it below the Core Manager notes.
Using it is tedious. Click the Split Payments box and choose an item. This feature only seems to work for one item in an order.
When you click the Submit Order button, you will see a page to split payment.
For each item, click the Select New PTAO# or PTAO# Distribution box drop down arrow.
Select even or manual distribution, and then the PTAOs.
Repeat for each item.

You can delete an item with the red X at the end of the line.

To add to an open order, go to Entry-Open Orders on the main screen to add services to an open order for a long project.

Click on the order number on the left to open the order, and add items as for other orders. Then either save as open order again, or submit it.

Default item. You can set one service to be the default item under Maintenance Menu-Item Maintenance. Select the item from the list, and look for the Default Order Entry Item box. After setting a default item, when you select order entry, there will be a box saying that default items have been loaded, which you have to click to clear.


To refund an order, you need the order number, which you can find on reports menu, from a query.

A multi-item order or multiple PTAO order has multiple order numbers e.g. 72847 and 72847.01

Go to Entry-Refund Entry on menu bar. Enter order number


Note drop down list for refund reason. Enter quantity of item to refund.

You can see the refunded order on Reports Menu-Refund.

You can no longer refund by entering a negative quantity for an order.

PTAO eligible for co-pay

Co-pay should automatically apply to eligible PTAO.
To see lists of PTAO which receive co-pays from centers, go to:
Reports menu-Contributing Center member
You can select Cancer Center or Diabetes Center.


External orders

Go to Entry-Order Entry on top menu and click External Customer.

External customer selection


Choose a date from the Date Service Provided box, and a user from the User ID drop down list.

There are options to select from all customers or current users (people who have used your core in last 13 months), and sort by user or customer name.

After selecting date and user, click Select box.

If you have a new customer, select "New Customer" to add.  Enter complete address info. Click Submit. Then tell the ORCA office (Michelle Bryant-Taylor, Paul Shin, John Shannon) that you submitted the new investigator to the list of external users. ORCA office can then add the investigator to the list of external customers. The review step is to prevent multiple entries for the same person.

The order process will be similar to UVa orders, except for the Submit for invoice button instead of Submit order.

multiple PTAO

There is an option to split payment for a transaction amongst multiple PTAO, if all the PTAO are all in the name of the same PI.

To enable, Core Manager needs to select Maintenance Menu, then Core Maintenance, then Functionality Controls and at the bottom of the page, Use Split Payments?

Start entering an item as normal, but click the box Split payments? box before adding another item or submitting the order.

If the PTAO you want to use have different PI listed, you have to manually create more than one order.

option 1 split payments evenly.

For each item, you will choose additional PTAO and charges will be divided evenly amongst all selected PTAO

For each item, click the dropdown box Select New PTAO # or PTAO # Distribution

Click Distribute Evenly across multiple PTAO #

The original PTAO you selected has a checked box next to it; click boxes to select additional PTAO, then click Continue.

Repeat for other items; the unsplit items will say Select New PTAO # or PTAO # Distribution in the box in the New PTAO column.

The bill will list each PTAO and its share of the items you entered.

option 2 split payments manually

Start as for a normal order. Choose an item and click Split Payments.

If you add another item, click Split Payments for each item.

Click submit when finished.

For each item in the order, click the dropdown box and choose

Distribute Amount manually across multiple PTAO #

You will see a list of PTAO.

In the first column, enter the dollars to assign to each PTAO (total display at top); in the right hand column is the number of items assigned e.g. for a $48 charge,putting $20 in left column produces 0.4167 in right column. When all of the charge for the item is distributed (at top, Remaining to distribute is 0.00), click Continue to distribute next item in the order.

At the top of the page, look for an item that appears only once on the page, and the selection box shows Select New PTAO# or PTAO# distribution (items with distributed charge do not offer or PATO# distribution)

Select Distribute Amount manually across multiple PTAO #.

Again enter the $amount next to each PTAO until there is none left to distribute.


Change PTAO

You can change the PTAO or multiple PTAO used for a service, and distribution of charges on different PTAO as described above. On the service core manager screen, choose PTAO Correction/Distribution. The options will look similar to above.

Order template

This feature is not new, but did not work well with an earlier version.

To use order templates, go to maintenance menu-core maintenance-funtionality controls and select Template Order Logic.

Order template lets you save information for a common order and associate it with a PTAO so you do not have to select the service each time, and for better or worse, the user and quantity are filled in and may need changing.; the PTAO with associated template also stands out in a list of PTAO.

If you change the template and save it, you will override the previous template.

This feature is found on the order entry page. Click the box for Submit Order and Save As Template. When you next select the PI, you will be offered the order template. You can change date of service on the order entry page, and quantity and user.

Instrument reservations and resources

This feature allows users of instruments, and core personnel, to reserve them via a web connection to CORES, and requires a PTAO for the user to make a reservation. Billing can only be done by hours.
This feature can be complex to setup, and is described on a separate page.

PTAO Correction/Distribution

This is found under the Entry menu on the main page.

The process is similar to the above Multiple PTAO (above) after selecting PI then a transaction.

After making a change, you can Update Display, and you must click the Save button if the transactio has been changed.

PTAO Charge Back

Use this option to reverse an incorrect charge.  Caution! This feature will reverse all charges against this PTAO for your core for the period selected. Before using, consider if refund is a better choice.
You can ask ORCA to perform a charge back for you.


Go to Entry on menu bar and select PTAO Charge Back from drop down list.
Enter the PTAO number to be charged back.

A screen showing all charges against the PTAO for the current period appears.  Select Charge Back.


PTAO charge back

A new screen will appear.  Click OK.

PTAO charge back warning

File upload

Only a few cores use this feature, which is described on the Core setup page.


Select Another Role/User

This feature is for people who have more than one role in CORES and has a new location  in CORES 2.
On the top blue bar, right side look for an icon showing 2 people; mouse over to see Change roles or Users, and click. Change roles