iLab billing and reservation system

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iLab billing and reservation system

The Office of Research Core Administration supports billing for services provided by research support cores. Services are billed to a current PTAO. Copayments from the Cancer Center and Diabetes Center are automatically applied to grants on approved lists of centers providing copayments.

Investigators, administrators and research core personnel can view and track billing data through a web interface. Final bills are normally submitted in the middle of the month for the previous month's services.

In May 2015  the research cores will start using iLab for billing. Some cores will use iLab for instrument reservations and service requests.

iLab includes technology from the CORES system that the research cores have used for several years. It is in use at many other universities.  Vanderbilt University, which developed CORES, is moving to iLab. iLab has tools to customize usage reports.

Initially there will be some work to ensure user lists are up to date. Also investigators or a person they designate need to assign PTAO to researchers who use research cores.

iLab recommend Firefox and Chrome browsers; Internet Explorer may be slow.

Molmart is not yet integrated into iLab which will mean researchers may received bills from both iLab and CORES.