Office of Research Core Administration billing systems

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Office of Research Core Administration billing systems

The Office of Research Core Administration supports billing for services provided by research support cores. Services are billed to a current PTAO. Copayments from the Cancer Center and Diabetes Center are automatically applied to grants on approved lists of centers providing copayments.

Investigators, administrators and research core personnel can view and track billing data through a web interface. Final bills are normally submitted in the middle of the month for the previous month's services.

In September2014, we will start a transition to the iLab program for billing. iLab uses technology from the CORES system.

Several cores will transfer to iLab each month, which will result in bills generated by CORES and iLab until the change is complete.

Getting Started

  • To use CORES, you must be registered in one or more roles
    • Principal Investigator-University of Virginia
    • Principal Investigator outside University of Virginia
    • Department Administrator
    • Service Core Manager
    • Product Core manager
    • Laboratory Manager/Assistant

  • Contact Paul Shin in the ORCA office for information on how to register.
  • Log in using a web browser-Internet Explorer suggested for Windows systems
  • At the login, enter University of Virginia computing id (usually of the form abc1d) and Eservices/Central Exchange Mail password (re)set at
  • Detailed instructions are on another page
  • Paying from outside University of Virginia
  • Credit card payments