Ordering supplies

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Ordering supplies

The Molmart core has merged with the Tissue Culture Facility.

Molmart is now in Jordan Hall room 226, known to many as the Tissue Culture Facility room.

Self service.

This scheme is still being refined because some items do not come with product bar codes (some items have bar codes which are not product numbers).   You will need a PTAO card, from your financial administrator (see below).

There are two self service stations, one with a regular keyboard, the other without. The station with a regular keyboard needs to be used if there is no bar code available for the item you want.

  • Scan PTAO card with wand style scanner (LS2208). Ensure the red light covers the code, you may need to vary the distance between the scanner and code; a beep and flash of the green light signifies recognition of the code. You cannot successfully scan a PTAO card with the short squat scanner. If your PTAO has a task section longer than 3 characters, we cannot scan a PTAO card; ask staff to print a bar code by an alternate method.
  • You may be asked for your name. Use the on-screen (or regular) keyboard; the eraser end of a pencil may work better than a finger.
    Erase characters with backspace key. If you want to erase characters, you may have to try to move the cursor to the end of the line.
  • Then scan items with the short, squat scanner (you will see lines of light jumping around) or if more convenient, the wand style scanner.
  • If there is no bar code, or the bar code is not recognized, look in a grey binder for a bar code, organized by vendor and then catalog number. Use the wand style scanner to aim the light beam at the bar code you want.
  • If there is no bar code, you can manually enter the catalog number at the work station with the keyboard. Send email to jds1c@virginia.edu listing the item to request a bar code for future use.
  • If you are picking up several of one item  e.g 5 bottles of media, you need to scan each item i.e. 5 scans of the media bottle.
  • If you are buying a case of an item, scan the bar code from the white folder labeled Bar Code Book containing bar codes for cases of items. Currently only tissue culture supplies are sold by the case.
  • If an item does not scan, it may be because the bar code on the item is not a product bar code; look in grey book of bar codes.
  • When finished, touch the Submit Order button.
  • If you start an order, but do not complete it, the program will automatically submit the (incomplete) order after 2 minutes.

PTAO card

You need a PTAO card from the Integrated System. You may need a department administrator to do this.

Start VPN and log in.

Got to http://www.virginia.edu/integratedsystem/

Click PTAO Generator half way down page on right side.


or directly to:

PTAO with a Task code longer than 3 characters do not give usable bar codes from the PTAO card generator. Ask staff to print a PTAO bar code by an alternate method.