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Image of the Quarter

Each quarter, the Advanced Microscopy Facility will choose an outstanding image which will be displayed here and in a gallery in the Facility's hallway. The user who submits the image will be awarded a week of free use of Facility equipment. Submit an image taken any time in the Advanced Microscopy Facility to the facility

Second quarter 2014

IoQ 400px July 2014
Immunolocalization (brown reaction product) of the oocyte-specific protein SAS1B in a dog ovarian section demonstrates that SAS1B first appears within oocytes in follicles at the primary-secondary transition (follicles with both unilaminar and bilaminar granulosa cell layers, top left) and then persists subsequently in oocytes within multilaminar follicles (bottom left). Oocytes within primordial and primary follicles do not express SAS1B protein (top right and center respectively). The restriction of SAS1B to growing oocytes in several mammalian orders has led Eusebio Pires and collaborators in the laboratory of Dr. John Herr (Developmental Dynamics 242:1405–1426, 2013) to propose this cell surface metalloprotease as a candidate target for non-steroidal female contraceptive strategies.

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