510 UV

510 UV


Zeiss LSM 510 UV


We are proud to offer the Zeiss LSM510 equipped with a purple diode laser which is the only confocal offered to the general public at the University of Virginia that can excite DAPI.  The system is located in the Advanced Microscopy Facility, 4th floor, Old Medical School.  It is a state-of-the-art confocal microscope that is ideal for multi-color imaging of both fixed and live cells.   The confocal head is attached to an inverted microscope (Axiovert) which is equipped with a stage and objective heater that can accommodate most culture systems.

This system is equipped with Zeiss's ideal filter set up for CFP/YFP experiments.  FRAP and FLIP photobleaching assays, automated long-term time-lapse imaging, high-throughput imaging, routine z-stacks and 3D rendering can also be performed.  The "multitracking" capability of Zeiss confocals allows for easy elimination of bleed-through between fluorophores.


Objectives: The microscope is equipped with a Plan-NeoFluar 10x/ 0.3, a Plan Apochromat 20x/0.75 dry lens for low power routine imaging, a Plan NeoFluar 40X/0.8 dry lens for further penetration into tissue samples, a Plan Neofluar 40x/1.3 na oil, and a Plan Apochromat 100x/1.4 na oil immersion lens. The oil immersion lenses provide high-resolution imaging, ideal for either live cell or fixed samples.

Lasers: The instrument has a purple diode laser for 405 excitation (blue); an argon laser with 458, 477, 514, and 488 nm lines (blue-green); a 543 nm HeNe laser (red); and a 633 nm HeNe laser (far-red).