Rates for research services

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Rates for research services

University of Virginia investigators are billed through the iLab

Rates as of July 2012

Exercise Physiology Core Lab Rate Card

* Includes half hour staff consultation


UVA Researcher Cost

Graded Exercise Testing (GXT)
Bike GXT with metabolism and lactates * $110.00
Bike GXT with metabolism only $86.00
Bike Constant Load (w/o lactates) $75.00
Bike Constant Load with lactates $86.00
Arm Ergometer GXT with metabolism $70.50
Treadmill GXT with metabolism and lactates * $110.00
Treadmill GXT with metabolism only
Bruce Protocol with metabolism
Treadmill Constant Load with metabolism $86.00

Research Exercise Training Interventions
Aerobic Training (based on hourly rate) $50.00/hr
Strength Training (based on hourly rate) $50.00/hr

Basal and Resting Metabolism Measures

Basal or Resting Metabolism Measurement *

Body Composition/Anthropometry

Bod Pod (provides % fat, fat mass and fat-free mass) *
Skinfolds (3 or 7 sites in triplicate) $11.75
Circumferences (3 sites in triplicate) $5.00
Diameters (structural)
Segmental Forearm Volumes $10.0
Bio-impedance Analysis

Functional Testing

6 minute walk (based on 2 staff required)
4, 20 or 30 meter walk $9.40
Stair Climb (Strength)
Sit-to-Stand (Strength)
Deep Knee Bends (Strength)
2 Mile Run $27.00
1 Legged Stance (Balance)
Sharpened Rhomberg (Balance)
Sit and Reach (Flexibility)

Brachial Artery Flow Mediated  Dilation (FMD) Measurement $35.25
FMD Analysis (based on hourly rate) $50.00/hr
CT Analysis - regional distribution of fat $25.00 (based on 1/2 hr staff time; may be higher)
MRI Analysis-regional distribution of fat $25.00 (based on 1/2 hr staff time; may be higher)


Physical Activity Questionnaire & Interpretation
Ankle Brachial Index $23.50
Non-Exercise Lactates-Misc (based on hourly rate)
$25.00 (based on 1/2 hr staff time; may be higher)
Pulmonary Function Testing assoc with exercise protocol $11.75
Heart Rate Variability Measurement/Analysis $35.25
Other - hourly rate $50.00