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Fitness Assessment for Community Members

The Exercise Physiology Core lab is pleased to offer a variety of fitness and body composition services to members of the community. We offer precise measurements of fitness levels, as opposed to indirect or estimated measures that are available elsewhere. The measurements do not diagnose any condition or illness but provide valuable information on your level of fitness.

The measurements are (click on title for more information):

  • VO2 max, or maximal oxygen consumption, is the amount of oxygen an individual can use during intense exercise and is considered the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness..
  • Lactate threshold measures activity at which blood lactate exceeds resting values-predicts sustainable activity level.
  • Body composition is the body’s amount of fat relative to fat-free mass-correlated to risk for numerous diseases.
  • Resting metabolic rate is the amount of energy needed for essential body functions without any activity.

Making an appointment

  • Some restrictions apply. Please call 434.982.3180 for more information.
  • Email or call 434.982.3180 to make an appointment or get further information
  • Directions to the Exercise Physiology Laboratory are available here.
  • Prices are listed on another page.  Insurance does not usually pay for these tests. You would need to check with your carrier to determine coverage.


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Watch a video on measuring  fitness in the Exercise Physiology Lab.