Sample submission and data retrieval for Mass Spectrometry

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Sample submission and data retrieval for Mass Spectrometry

  • See guidelines on sample preparation
  • If this is a first time experiment, contact the lab about what data you need, the capabilities of the technique and sample requirements
  • If you are new to LabLink, see the page on starting
  • Create a project and enter sample information in LabLink.
  • Fill out a spreadsheet which you upload. LabLink provides a sample sheet. If there are error messages during upload, information will not transfer to LabLink. Save Excel sheets as xls (Office 2003) format; xlsx files may give "I/O error" message.
  • For MALDI, there is a mildly customized sample sheet-users submitting samples to be run the the Mass Spectrometry lab need to complete all fields. A note on the purpose of the data is often helfpul and also complete information on the composition and amount of the current solvent
  • Frequent users of MALDI may find it worthwhile to use the Open Access program and run samples themselves (users need to bring their own sample plate); users can reserve the instrument through ( instructions)

Delivering samples

  • Give sample tubes unique names
  • Bring to room 1105 Jordan Hall
  • If submitting gel bands, bring the whole gel and a picture showing the bands or spots to be analyzed.
  • If shipping the gel from outside the University of Virginia, we suggest sealing it in a plastic bag. Place the bag between sheets of cardboard for protection. Send samples to:
  • Dr. Nicholas Sherman
    Department of Microbiology, Box 800734,
    University of Virginia Health System,
    Jordan Hall room 1105
    1340 Jefferson Park Avenue
    Charlottesville, VA 22908-0734
    (phone 434.924.0070)

    Getting your data from LabLink

    2. Web based.
    3. Project status updated with progress.
    4. Results in electronic format posted to the project
    5. Data can be shared with people you chose
    6. Data stored on GenoLogics LIMS.

    If you have problems or questions, please contact the Keck MS Lab staff.