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Contact us

  • DNA Sequencing: 434.924.2553 (lab) (Yongde Bao )
  • Genome sequencing with Illumina instrument 434.924.2553 (lab) Yongde Bao or 434.243.9689  Alyson Prorock
  • Real time PCR 434.924.2553 (lab) Yongde Bao
  • DNA Synthesis: contact MolMart 434.924.9211 to order through Invitrogen Supply Center
  • Affymetrix gene chip microarrays 434.924.2553 (Yongde Bao ) or 434.243.9689 (Alyson Prorock)
  • Protein identification, sequencing and other analysis by mass spectrometry: 434.924.0070 (Nicholas Sherman )
  • Protein and peptide purification and other chromatography: 434.243.9399 (John Shannon )
  • Fluorescent plate reader, circular dichroism, Aperio ScanScope, densitometer. 434.243.9399 (John Shannon )
  • Fax: 434.982.2514
  • Director: 434.924.0050 (Jay Fox )
  • Main number 434..924.2356  Administrative Assistant (Julie Burns )


Shipping address:
Biomolecular Research Facility,
Jordan Hall loading dock,
University of Virginia Health System,
1340 Jefferson Park Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22908

Mailing address:
Biomolecular Research Facility
Office of Research Core Administration.
University of Virginia Health System,
P.O. Box 800741,
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0741

For directions to the Jordan Hall, see the maps of the University of Virginia.
Office for Biomolecular Research Facility: room 1069.

Click for larger map or use the University of Virginia interactive map: search for Jordan HallMap of Biomolecular Research Facility


Jay W. Fox, Ph.D.

phone 434.924.0050
room 1070

John D. Shannon, Ph.D.
Assistant Director

Phone 434.243.9399; room 232
chromatography, gel scanning, biomolecular interactions equipment, circular dichroism instrument, fluorescent plate reader, slide scanner profile

Yongde Bao, Ph.D.
Director DNA Sciences Core
Phone 434.924.2553 room 1044.
DNA microarray, Genome Sequencing, DNA Sequencing, Bioinformatics, real time PCR.

Nicholas Sherman, Ph.D.
Director Mass Spectrometry Core
phone 434.924.0070
room 1034
mass spectrometry analysis of proteins

Erin Jeffery, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Mass Spectrometry Core
phone 434.924.0070  room 1034
mass spectrometry analysis of proteins

Alyson Prorock
phone 434.243.9689 room 1071.
DNA microarray, genome sequencing

Jixian Zhang
phone 434.982.2551 room 1076.
DNA sequencing

Julie Burns B.A.
phone 434.924.2356 room 1069
Administrative Assistant



photo of Dr. Fox picture of Dr. Shannon Photo of Dr. Bao Photo of Dr. Sherman
Jing Huang picture of Alyson Prorock Photo of Jixian Zhang Erin Jeffery
picture of Julie Burns