Sample submission for DNA Sciences

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Sample submission for DNA Sciences

DNA Sequencing

Complete a DNA sequencing request form.
Select a method for data delivery. Choices are:

  • email of text and PDF file
  • ftp

Select a primer from the DNA sequencing bank if you are not supplying your own primer. Samples should be in 1.5 mL tubes. Print the form and bring it with the samples to room 1076, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (the room is often open earlier and later than these hours). Look for the freezer labeled "DNA Sequencing drop in".

You may then see the status of your samples at When data is ready, it will be sent to you in the form you specified on the request form. The next month, charges will be billed to the PTAO you supplied.

Next Gen Sequencing

For sample orders and tracking:

Affymetrix gene chip analysis