Rapid next gen sequencing

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Rapid next gen sequencing

The Illumina MiSeq system is aimed at small, rapid sequencing projects.

The Illumina MiSeq instrument performs amplification, sequencing and data analysis in one instrument. For small projects, it is more cost effective than other sequencers.

An update has improved performance.



  • capillary electrophoresis sequencing
  • multiplexed PCR amplicon sequencing
  • small genome sequencing
  • small RNA sequencing
  • library quality control
  • 16S  metagenomics

Read choices are 50bp kit (up to 72 bp for single read, 36 bp for paired end run; overnight run) and the 151 bp kit  (single read or paired end, day and a half run).

For more information on the system, see the MiSeq newsletter. To discuss projects, contact Alyson Prorock ajp7x@virginia.edu, ph. 434.243.9689 or Yongde Bao yb8d@virginia.edu ph. 434.924.2553