Affymetrix Microarray Gene Chip Analysis

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Affymetrix Microarray Gene Chip Analysis

The DNA Sciences Core at the University of Virginia Biomolecular Research Facility performs gene chip analysis with the Affymetrix microarray system.

The Biomolecular Research Facility analyzes gene expression with the Affymetrix GeneChip system.

  • 3' expression arrays
  • genome wide expression arrays
  • genome wide exon arrays
  • SNP arrays
  • chromosome tiling arrays
  • resequencing arrays
  • microRNA arrays


  • sample preparation from cultured cells or tissues
  • standard Affymetrix analysis
  • data analysis
  • data mining
  • quality control by spiked in genes, 3':5' ratios


  • The Affymetrix GeneChip system comprises:
  • oven to hybridize cDNA to gene chip
  • fluidics station for washing chip
  • laser GeneArray scanner for measuring amounts of bound probes
  • software suite.

Sample Submission

Sample requirements and data retrieval

Sample preparation

Protocols available from Affymetrix under Support. Choose Affymetrix,  and on the left choose Technical Documentation. Or contact Alyson Prorock ph. 434.243.9689

Data Analysis

For advanced data analysis options, contact the Bioinformatics Core


Alyson Prorock ph. 434.243.9689 or Yongde Bao, ph. 434.924.2553