Real Time Cell Analysis

Real Time Cell Analysis

The Acea Biosciences xCELLigence RTCA DP instrument, (formerly marketed by Roche Applied Science) analyses cell functions in real time using non-destructive, reagent free impedance measurements. Real time monitoring detects short term events which endpoint assays can easily miss.

The instrument uses impedance measurements to monitor cell growth or death and morphology changes using 5000 to 60000 cells per well, depending on the cell line. Our instrument holds 3 plates with 16 wells each.

A specialized cell invasion plate uses Boyden chambers to measure cell migration and invasion. Cell interactions can be measured using well inserts which hold one group of cells, whose secreted materials can diffuse through pores to affect cells on the measurement surface.

Local uses:

  • measurment of toxicity of bacterial toxins
  • measuring effect of toxins on barrier function
  • measuring cell mediated cytotoxicity
  • observing cell migration and inhbition by a drug


Other published applications are:


More applications and information are listed on the manufacturer's website at: including a list of 365 papers as of 2013 using the instrument.
There is some background on the instrument here, and some reference documents for users.

If you are interested in using this instrument, contact John Shannon,, ph. 434.243.9399.

Before using human cells or other materials covered by biosafety requirements, you must supply IBC number to John Shannon and verify that your training is current. Users are expected to wear lab coats and gloves.