Shared Instrumentation Services

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Shared Instrumentation Services

The Shared Instrumentation Core within the Biomolecular Research Facility has several user and core operated instruments and services, largely for studying proteins.

The fluorescent plate reader, circular dichroism spectropolarimeter, Aperio ScanScope and densitometer are self service instruments in Jordan Hall room 1074 which can be used at any time with appropriate access permissions. New users should contact John Shannon for introductory training.

For chromatography service, slide scanning and molecular interactions, contact John Shannon ph.  434.243.9399 to discuss projects aims and sample requirements.

Fluorescent plate reader for reading fluorescent reagents in microtiter plates

Circular dichroism for study of secondary structure of proteins.

Chromatography by HPLC or FPLC of proteins and peptides and other molecules

Aperio ScanScope which scans microscope slides for digital pathology

Molecular Interactions, measuring association and dissociation rates and dissociation constants

Densitometer for scanning films, blots and gels with visible stains and ImageQuant software for analysis

Isoelectric focusing apparatus for loan for 2-D gels and Bio-Rad Rotofor apparatus.

Absorbance plate reader, with filters for 450, 562, 600, 660 nm

Real time cell analysis instrument

Electrophoresis apparatus for loan-IEF, large format gels, Rotofor

Summary Statement of resources for grant applications.

Users should acknowledge the support of the core by the School of Medicine e.g.
"This work used (service and/or instrument name) in the Shared Instrumentation Core which is supported by the University of Virginia School of Medicine."