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Molecular Imaging Center Services

Services in Molecular Imaging Core

Note that data from different modalities has been combined in many of the examples shown here.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

  • Tumor imaging and sizing.
  • Cardiac imaging
  • 31P NMR non-localized spectroscopy

Click for larger, animated  view of mouse heart, normal on left, myocardial infarction on right: also see glioblastoma imageMRI image of normal and myocardial infarct hearts

Dual Modality X-Ray and Gamma Imaging
CT and CT-SPECT scans

  • Simultaneous high-resolution gamma and X-ray imaging of radio-labeled cells
  • Imaging of targeted imaging agents.

Click image for larger view; also see cell tracking imageImage of showiing cell tracking by X-Ray and Gamma Ray Imaging

Bioluminescence / Fluorescence Imaging

  • Reporter gene imaging such as Firefly luciferase (bioluminescence) and near infrared fluorescent protein (fluorescence).
  • Fluorescent dye imaging using targeted imaging agents.

Click for larger imageBioluminescent image tracking bladder Cancer Cells in a mouse

Micro Positron Emission Tomography (MicroPET)

  • Fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) imaging of areas of hypermetabolic activity.
  • Fluoride ion (18F-) bone imaging.
  • Imaging of labeled targeted agents, e.g. 64Cu-fMLP 18F labeled small molecules

Click image for larger viewmicro CT and micro-PET Images of inflammed lungs

Image Processing

  • FindTags to calculate cardiac circumferential shortening and regional strain maps.
  • Vitrea for volume rendering, 3 dimensional reconstructions, fly-throughs of 3D data sets.
  • Argus cardiac analysis package (Siemens Medical Systems, Iselin, NJ).

Chemistry Lab for Production of Custom Imaging Agents

  • Production of radiometal, (64Cu, 99mTc, 111In) and radioiodine labeled peptides and antibodies
  • Custom-synthesis of 18F and radioiodine labeled small molecules.
  • Custom-development of molecule-targeting MRI contrast agents.
  • Development of molecular imaging agents for non-invasive fluorescent imaging


Uses: production short lived PET isotopes 11C, 13N, and 15O, longer lived PET isotopes 64Cu, 76Br, 124I, gamma isotopes 67Ga, 123I, and 111In and 165Er